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Every day presents us with a choice; to keep our passions as mere dreams, or to chase after those dreams until they become a reality. For the Dover, Delaware rock band, Awake At Last. that decision has always come with a cost, but, is one they are willing to pay. The band was formed with the purpose of leaving a positive imprint in a dark world. Every time they take the stage, they are answering the call to live out their dreams, all while encouraging others to do the same. ”Our goal is to inspire people to live fulfilling lives”, vocalist, Vincent Torres, explains, “so many people get caught up in how our society says they should be perceived, but I think our real purpose is to do what actually fuels our soul.“ No stranger to the road, the band relentlessly toured behind King Of The World, playing over 200 shows in support of the release. This gained them the reputation of being a hard working, highly energetic live band and also built up a significant social media following for the band. During this time the band was named one of the “7 Underground Bands You Need To Hear” by Alternative Press magazine and began writing Life/Death/Rebirth. The band was able to lan a slot on the Journeys mainstage of Warped Tour on the Columbia, MD date in 2017, having previously performed on regional dates of the Ernie Ball stage in 2013 and 2014.

Awake At Last, who also includes guitarist Eric Blackway and Imran Xhelili, bassist Tyler Greene and drummer Jon Finney, came together in 2015, but the band officially started in 2011 with a different lineup. Since the band’s beginning, they have focused on creating a sound that blends aggressive instrumentals with darker melodies and storytelling. “We want our music to have feeling,” says Blackway.” Our writing process begins with writing what we feel in the moment. In each of our songs we try to capture different emotions so that our music is relatable”. The band’s dedication to their art continues to show through their hard work ethic and diy mentality.

Life/Death/Rebirth is not just another album in their discography, it’s a rebirth for the band as well. It was written during a time when Torres (vocals) was struggling with his declining mental and physical health while touring in support of King Of The World, but was able to find solace in the adventure the record created for him. Being able to connect to fans each night, the band was able to craft the story of the new release. Each song represents different fragments of the human consciousness. The seven deadly sins, the seven heavenly virtues, and how those experience shape and craft your perceptions. As the EP progresses it tells a story of redemption. “In this fast paced world of wires and screens, we want to turn on people’s minds that life is too short to not do something that fulfills you.” Adds Vincent, “Pursue life to the fullest, and do what strengthens you.”

Awake At Last – Analysis Paralysis

Awake At Last – White Rabbit

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