Awaiting Sacrifice

Awaiting Sacrifice

Indianapolis metal band AWAITING SACRIFICE are set to release the CD version of their new album Uprise on October 26 2018.

About Awaiting Sacrifice

Awaiting Sacrifice burst into being in 2012 from the darkest depths of the Indianapolis metal scene. After undergoing initial turmoil and artistic shifts in order to drive towards death metal supremacy the band started to gain local notoriety. An opening slot for Psychostick turned into an opportunity to work with local label Midwesthell Melodies who released their debut EP Defection. Yet due to recording issues and various disputes the album was taken down. The band was unable to survive this turbulence and though they were nearly done their second EP, they were forced to take an extended hiatus. 

In late summer 2018 though there was a shift in the fabric of reality and the band reactivated with three core members and a new pair of ax men bringing in fresh blood. A year off had allowed for ideas to germinate and new songs to be written. Awaiting Sacrifice completed the second EP, Uprise which was thought lost to the sands of time and now they are preparing to unleash it unveiling their finest material to date. The bands unique brand of ‘Nu-Death metal’ has now been brightly polished and sees the group ready to push for bold new futures. 

Uprise represents the bands comeback story and the importance of their artistic vision to flourish no matter what might happen. Fusing a variety of unique ideas and eager to conquer their local scene one cracked skull at a time, Awaiting Sacrifice are out for blood. As they wrap up the final touches of their debut full length, it is clear that there has never been a better time to be an Awaiting Sacrifice fan. Years of hard work and rough breaks are finally coming to a head in spring 2019 with what promises to be an album to shape the scene and explore bold new sonic vistas. 

Awaiting Sacrifice – To Kill a King

Awaiting Sacrifice – WidowMaker

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