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Autumns Eyes

Autumns Eyes is a one man metal band inspired by Halloween and Horror Movies. Since the band’s inception in 1999, sole member Daniel Mitchell has seamlessly woven inspiration from the darker side of creativity ranging from Tim Burton to Type O Negative. What began as a hobby recording music on a four track tape recorder, has progressed into a full time career. With almost a dozen albums under his belt, Daniel continues to feed the underground metal community with his unique brand of Halloween inspired sonic therapy.

Despite garnering critical success, and even being named the best band in Connecticut by an independent metal website, the focus of Autumns Eyes has always remained distant from any commercial spotlight. Though, Mitchell’s passion for music is never far from sight, as seen in 2011 when he produced a tribute album with for the late god of doom and gloom, Peter Steele. “All For None, None For All: A Tribute to Peter Steele” featured a collection of twelve metal bands including Autumns Eyes, who paid homage to the Type O Negative frontman.

With music being the heart of this project, fans have proven to be the blood which pumps throughout its ever expanding audience. Showing their support via letters, photos, artwork, and social media, fans have continued to reinforce the solo metal band over the years. They even helped fund a successful Kickstarter campaign to help distribute Autumns Eyes music into more retailers worldwide.

The future of Autumns Eyes remains intact, and with Daniel having earned endorsements from companies like BC Rich (BC Rich review) and Steve Clayton, the band continues to progress and evolve. Halloween and horror movies hold a special place in the world of heavy metal, and Autumns Eyes continues to remind those with a taste for darkness just how much fun it can be to live in the shadows.

Autumns Eyes – Death of October

Autumns Eyes – Studio Update June 2017

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