Aurora Ferrer

Aurora Ferrer

Aurora Ferrer is a rock composer and vocalist who likes jazz. She always has one ear in the metal scene and the other one in the electronic music world. She also keeps a folk and an avant-garde ace in each sleeve.

After years of trying her luck with different bands in different genres, she has decided to stop depending on other musicians to shape the ideas that constantly boil in her head and release her first solo album.

“Night oracles and falling stars” is a sound compendium between alternative rock / metal and electronic / experimental music. It deals with everything that crosses a human mind at night, from revelatory dreams to strange thoughts product of insomnia. The lyrics of these nine songs are introspective, sometimes hermetic, and contain a high dose of self-criticism and sense of humor.

It is impossible to predict where this adventure will take her. This is an uncertain moment: the music industry is redefining itself and the Internet is a vortex of artistic proposals. In this sense, Aurora prefers to remain realistic. What is clear is that this first album will not be her last one.

Aurora Ferrer – The game

Aurora Ferrer – Chasm

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