AUDIOSCAM 4 Kicking and Screaming  Judy Dessanti review:…indicates some kind of film noir new wave and with the Avengers’ Infinity War (movie) adding so much to the kettle, it’s the order of the day to go all out. The boys from Queensland and the world down under outdo themselves after the impressive e.p. releases Audioscam 3 (May 6, 2014) and their second release / original music debut When The Money’s Gone (August 18, 2011,)  

Those were brighter days of perfect pop confections by the veteran recording ensemble who launched with the extraordinary Stevie Ray Vaughn meets Abba tribute they entitled Abbattack (August 12, 2008) 

It’s hard to believe that a decade has rolled by since the group concocted their amazing hard rock renditions of Abba classics, and now the bite is back as Kicking and Screaming takes their originals to a more edgy realm, though not pushing that envelope too far, enough of the pop sensibilities of When the Money’s Gone and Audioscam 3 remain. As in the first track, “Just like Jamaica,” which could be a sequel to Audioscam 3’s “Awayo.”

Brian Pitcher: Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Ukelele
Brad Wallace: Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Wayne Macintosh – guitar
Tenor Mel Miller – pans/percussion (Just Like Jamaica)
Jason Byrne – guitar (Batesfield)

Audioscam – Hand of Sin

Audioscam – Baby Done Bad

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Band location – Cairns, Australia

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