Audio Silence

Audio Silence are an Alternative Rock Band, hailing from Staffordshire. 
Staci Harrington-Parker (Vocals/Songwriter) Amy Costallo (Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter) and Dom Birkin (Guitar/Bass). 
They officially formed in 2014, after a surprisingly short conversation, which went a little something like this…Staci: “Hey, Amy, you’re good, wanna start a band?” 
Amy: “Okay”. 
AUDIO SILENCE was born. 
They had been involved in a number of projects individually, before realising that they shared the same vision. After being positively received gigging the local music circuit and on social media, they soon realised their potential, and decided to take the next steps into making their dream a reality. They felt it was important to bring a little something different, yet subtly familiar to the table. The goal is simple…to bring real music back to the people. 
After befriending DJ Lyle Sloane at American Independent radio station ‘Insane Realm Radio’ in 2016, they were offered a spot showcasing songs ‘Hollow’ and ‘Capture the Silence’, which although still in pre-production, were welcomed with much enthusiasm. The showcase included an interview with the DJ, to whom the band “stood out for their originality and ‘old skool’ traditional sound”. 
Enter Dom Birkin into the fold. Playing guitar since the tender age of fifteen, naturally gifted, he is for the most part, self-taught. Picking up and expanding his abilities through other band ventures and projects. The band’s ability to stand out lies in the eclectic, individual influences that they each bring to their music. 
From a love of soul, blues, nu-metal, country and classic rock, the sheer passion for their craft, collectively, is what makes them stand out from the crowd. 
Audio Silence have been writing and performing for the past ten years, individually and together, honing their skills, gathering experience and support along the way. 
To create universally relatable songs, with nothing less than, substance, and meaning. After becoming aware of what they could produce as a collective, they approached noted producer Shaun Lowe at Prism Studios, at the end of 2016, to collaborate in producing their first EP.

Audio Silence are currently recording, actively seeking representation. 
Their influences include:

Elvis Presley, Jeff Lynne, ELO, Tom Petty, The Traveling Wilbury’s, Leonard Cohen, The Eagles, Kings of Leon, Roy Orbison, Godsmack, Machinehead, Korn, Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam, Prince, George Harrison, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Kansas and Fleetwood Mac.

Audio Silence – Keep Going

Audio Silence – Don’t Let Me Forget

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