Atom Driver

Atom Driver

Following 2017’s Slackjaw and Into The West EPs Atom Driver have just released their 3rd EP Here They Come, The Hornets. 

Atom Driver is something of a New Brunswick, NJ supergroup. Each member has a distinguished pedigree, associated with many different successful local indie rock, punk, and hardcore outfits. Together, this trio has bundled their deep roots and experience in making music to present a sound both new and simultaneously reminiscent of seminal bands from Barkmarketand Bastro to Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu.

Mike Polilli tackles the percussion with the same fiercenessheard from his work with the popular Alternative Tentacles recording artist, Buzzkill. Mike’s deep well of musical styles and genres provides a sonic depth to each song.

Justin Ingstrup completes the rhythm section on bass. Justin’s musical lineage runs far and wide. An in-demand player, he has lent his skills to bands and artists ranging from projects with the members of Dillinger Escape Plan to full time roles in bands such as Doc Hopper and Good, Clean Fun. Justin’s knack for setting a bedrock foundation to each song keeps the music in lock-step.

Mark Segal rounds out the band manning the vox and guitars. Mark’s best known as the front man for the New Brunswick indie rock faves, Boss Jim Gettys. Mark’s unique style and approach to the guitar and smoke-tinged vocals are elevated and extended to new creative highs with the band.

While a “new” band to the scene, the popularity of each members’ earlier work has garnered an instant core following and recognition of great things to come from those in the music community. Proof of this is visible in many arenas. Even prior to their first show, the band was asked and attended a lengthy interview on WRSU’s Overnight Sensations; the radio show has kept the band in regular rotation each week for many months. The groundswell of activity to the band’s Facebook and bandcamp page have highlighted a sign of things to come. The band has continually been approached by local venues and bands alike to perform; it’s a sign the band has established themselves very quickly as a force to be reckoned with.

Atom Driver – Vultures

Atom Driver – Hornets Promo

Atom Driver – Toetapper’s Revenge

Atom Driver – For the Cause

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