ASKARI are an experimental music collective from the UK. Born out of several late-night freestyle studio sessions between producer and guitarist James Routh and lyricist Asher Baker, ASKARI seamlessly merge the distinct sounds of raw, guttural grime and punchline-packed hip hop with guitar-laden garage rock and down-tuned metal to create a monster.

An obnoxious, outrageous, fucking loud monster.

Backed by the raucous, chugging riffs of Liam Carroll, the ethereal groove of jazz master Aab Troko on keys, and the destructive beats of “Iron” Aiden Baldwin, ASKARI pull no punches throwing walls of sound around any size venue and spitting vitriolic lyrics squarely in the face of absolutely every fucker ever. PHANTOM

The bands third single ‘Phantom’ takes us deeper into a darker, heavier song writing style, offering up yet another new dimension to the bands sound.  Followed up with a string of dates around the UK, their latest offering has already garnered support from the crew at BBC Introducing, several independent radio stations, and both national and international music websites.

The song was produced by James Routh (Sonic Boom Six, The Karma Party), Mixed by James Lerock Loughrey, and Mastered by Katie Tavini.

 ‘Phantom’ is available on all digital platforms. Download the single HERE Watch the video: HERE

 2020 PLANS

ASKARI will be making plans and playlists for 2020. Ravenous following new release ‘Phantom’, they have just completed a string of dates across the UK and plan to head back out in May for another round. Locked and loaded with a slew of bangers to pepper festival dancefloors all Summer long, ASKARI will return to the studio in mid 2020 to assemble their forthcoming fulllength release ‘On A Mission’

About the track: PHANTOM is about making do with what you have, getting kicked the f’ck out of by a gang in the estate you live on, being forced to relocate, entertaining post-traumatic stress disorder for a decade, then dealing with the untimely death of your single parent. And surviving the lot of it. Asher writing PHANTOM in 2019 could only happen because Asher from 2006 is still here. The track is a celebration of that more than anything else.

“I went through my formative teenage years on the Crawford Estate in Camberwell, South East London. It was – and is still – also referred to as “C Block” by some of the residents. If you weren’t running with a gang or shotting bags, you were wasting your time, and if you tried to do anything even remotely constructive, God help you. I got caught by a gang in my own block once in 2006. My mum taught me I could get out of it if I worked hard enough, so I persisted – more for her sake than mine. “Don’t forget: you’re here forever” shortens to “Do it for her” with the right photo placements, and when mum lost her battle with cancer in 2017, I could finally stop working myself stupid to support the family – and start writing songs like PHANTOM.” – Asher Baker  

Lyrics: Don’t ever get ideas above your station. Don’t forget: You’re here forever. That’s what the page read. And on November 23rd ‘17 I stopped saying that I’d do it for her. Now I’ma do it for me.”

Genre: An experimental Music Collective that encompasses elements of Grime, Rock, Electronic, Metal, Garage, Drum N Bass

Recorded by James Routh (Sonic Boom Six, Ghouls, Screech Bats) at Rock Hard Studios, Blackpool in October 2019.  
Mixed by James “Lerock” Loughrey
Mastered by Katie Tavini
Written by Asher Baker and James Routh
Performed by Asher Baker (Vocals), James Routh (Baritone / Trombone), Aiden Baldwin (Drums / Samples), Liam Carroll (Guitar) & Archi Troko (Keys)  
Artwork by Aiden Baldwin

Askari – Phantom

Askari – Progress

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