Sydney’s Hardcore Heavyweights Release Their Crushing New Album ‘Outdoor Claustrophobic’

Sydney’s Hardcore Heavyweights Arteries just dropped their crushing new album ‘Outdoor Claustrophobic’ encapsulating the band’s signature blend of djent riffs, brutal breakdowns and magnetic vocals which evoke the polished ferociousness of extreme metal legendaries such as Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

The opening track ‘Play Nice’ introduces the album with a merciless punch setting the scene for the visceral soundscape to follow. Throughout the entirety of the album, the listener is treated to face-melting riffs underpinned by drum and bass rhythm patterns that oscillate between thrash, hardcore, and groove genres sure to get your fist-pumping in the air. Punctuating the auditory onslaught are stripped-back passages interweaved with ominous synths and a healthy smattering of Brendan Dafter vocals that send chills down your spine. ‘Outdoor Claustrophobic’ is a seamless musical package of cool defiance and taut aggression and showcases a band that is bold and confident in their ferocious sound. 

Arteries on their sophomore album “Outdoor Claustrophobic is the title we decided on early 2019 before the world turned upside down and now it’s more relevant than ever. The music and themes in the songs were not taken lightly exploring deep issues of mental health and the human condition. Fine-tuning each section, each moment, to feel inspiring and take you into our minds over the course of the album was the main objective. Chaotic, rhythmic, groove based without limits. That’s who we are and it’s what we do best. We harnessed our most memorable moments from our previous works and pushed them forward into the adaptation and production of this new album. This body of work took monumental growth, discovery and digging deep as a band over the past few years refining our version of what each song needs to be with a vision to execute. Every track on this album is the backbone of what the band wants to hear, experience and play live”

After a successful release of their debut album ‘This Will Destroy Us’, the band shared stages with International Heavy Music Powerhouses such as Architects, Norma Jean, Raised Fist and Protest the Hero; Homegrown Heroes such as Northlane, King Parrot, Lo!, Totally Unicorn as well as securing regular slots at UNIFY Gathering, Dead of Winter and Halloween Hysteria. Coming off their well-received singles ‘Fatty Boy’ & ‘Under The Influence’ which have been garnering the band national and international press, ‘Outdoor Claustrophobic’ is set to propel Arteries to take over the Australian Heavy Music world and beyond!

Arteries new offering ‘Under The Influence’ from their album ‘Outdoor Claustrophobic’ due for release on 16.04.2021. This bold release encapsulates the band’s unique syncopated instrumentation and modal choices that give rise to their signature raw and menacing soundscapes.

‘Under The Influence’ kicks off with a face-melting riff accentuated by a groove metal-esque drum and bass rhythm pattern that gets your first pumping. The verses strip right back to drum and bass passages interweaved with ominous synths but it’s Brendan Dafter vocals that send chills down your spine.  ‘Under the Influence’ maintains raw intensity with the maelstrom of djent riffs, brutal breakdowns and magnetic vocals which evoke the polished ferociousness of extreme metal legendaries such as Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Guitarist Braithe Selby explains “Under the influence has always been that song we always gravitate towards as a band. For us, it has everything, the hooks, the heavy and the epic. Early on in the writing process, ‘Under the Influence’ evolved into the template for the musical, thematic and overarching direction for producing the album ‘Outdoor Claustrophobic’ and is the feature track for the release. Expect more of a moody, mosh-driven and confrontational slice of arteries with this one. All in with bare blood-spattered skin for ‘Under the Influence'”

Frontman Brendan Dafter explains “We all play the social media game through self-promotion, for work or music, we’re all guilty of oversharing and spending too much time glued to apps, smartphones, and tablets.  Influencers take it the next step by portraying perfect lives with perfect bodies which create unrealistic expectations and inadequacies about your own life or appearance. This song is about me just taking a stab at these people because as much as I dislike fakeness I hate myself more for not being able to switch off from these types. Like the car wreck that you can’t look away from, blurring the line between celebrity and reality. The dawn of a new religion, creating a cult-like following and we’re all drinking the cool-aid”

The Album ‘Outdoor Claustrophobic’ is available to Preorder in both digital and physical 


ARTERIES -Under The Influence

ARTERIES – Play Nice

ARTERIES – Fatty Boy

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