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Art Block new EP ‘Warzone’ available now on Bandcamp


Art Block – Warzone

Art Block is a singer-songwriter from London. Warzone, his new EP is out now! Previous releases include“Borderline. This song is beautiful. There is no other way to describe it. Rarely is the case nowadays when the voice fits the music and the guitar tells the story but that is exactly what you get with “Borderline” as Art begs the question “Who’ll cross the line, here with me?” The song itself builds up to an crescendo of such magnitude that it will bring a tear to your eye. The instrument arrangement is carefully laid out with a combination of electric and acoustic guitar work touched off by a gorgeously placed lap steel and everything compliments each other as if it were the audio representation of a somber family reunion. Bravo!”

“Last year, East London singer-songwriter Art Block released his debut EP ‘Los Feliz’, and it’s shortly to be followed by a second offering, ‘Borderline’, and the title-track really is a thing of beauty. The amount of comments it’s already attracted on SoundCloud (not to mention a large amount of followers) is hugely impressive and could indicate that Art Block is in with a strong chance of breaking through and going on to mainstream success. If the rest of the EP follows suit and momentum builds then a label might just come knocking.”

“Art Block – Los Feliz EP The debut EP by this young, London-based singer/songwriter offers us five perfectly crafted alt-folk songs, each of which captures the listener’s attention in a rather subtle way. To me at least, the catchiness wasn’t obvious at first listen, but the tracks already sounded familiar the second time round and kept/keep growing on me, not least because of the distinctive vocals. Art Block proves equal skills with upbeat and downtempo songs and it’s especially interesting to listen to the two different versions of Los Feliz, the title track that opens and closes the EP (plot twist: the „reprise“ is more than twice as long as the „original“). A very promising debut, I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more from this artist in the future!”

“Singer-songwriter Art Block is from London, his music often brings comparisons to people like Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley. To date one of the songs which has been the most succesful is ‘Polly’ which features Ed Seed on bass and percussion (of La Roux.) His first EP will soon be announced, entitled Los Feliz which is inspired by Los Angeles.”

“One man and one acoustic guitar, with the occasional dash of additional instruments and percussion creates prophetic tracks in the guise of Art Block. It is the synergy between vocal, lyric and composition which marks out the sounds that consider the intangible. There is an emotionally charged evisceration within the music, that scores deep into the mind of the listener.”

Art Block – Borderline

Art Block – The Lake

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