As a new entity gaining speed in the hard rock world, Armstrong delivers a breed of music as massive and momentous as the trials and experiences that spawned it. The band’s unbridled expression comes in the form of blustering guitars, thunderous drums, and commanding vocals that combine to form a dominant legion both strikingly heavy and equally hopeful.

Rooted in Texas, Armstrong recently brought big news to the table in the announcement of their most recent milestone. Their work has been diligent. Their rest has been little. Their creativity and patience has been tested. But they couldn’t be happier with the culmination of it all-their new self-titled album. It’s a deep examination of the tough, and often painful, journeys that life can take us on. It’s an unadulterated chronicle as seen through the eyes of someone who’s been knocked down harder than imagination would permit, someone most every person can relate to. But most importantly, it’s a constant reminder to never stop reaching for the unreachable, and to never give up before getting where we want to be.

Armed with monster-size strapping guitar tone, impassioned fiery vocal melodies, and an explosive rhythm section that even the most devout of double-kick enthusiasts will surely tip their hat to, the arrangements found on the new record soar with pure unapologetic hard rock dynamism. This new music not only rips and tears through space with metal teeth, it genuinely connects with listeners in a deep and truly honest way. It tackles the hardships that we all face, and reminds us that there’s nothing we can’t handle. It reaches out to the ones searching without finding and says, “You’re not alone.” It’s a unique attitude that is thankful for what it has, even when the chips are down. And above all, it’s the spark that can be found deep inside every one of us that, when challenged to break free and attempt to acquire the impossible, undauntedly rises, sets out, and takes it.

Armstrong – Sick Disguise

Armstrong – Rise

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