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Armageddon began as a two man recording project in 1985 by Robbie Lee (guitar) and Mike Vance (vocals) under the name Second Chance. They released two demo tapes that circulated the US, Canada, Europe and South America. Danny Wilkinson provided bass tracks and Mark Miley provided drum tracks while engineering the project.

Second Chance signed on with REX records and put out a song called, “Liberation From the Blazing Wasteland” on the East Coast Metal compilation album featuring bands Believer, Rage of Angels and Taker — among others. The band then signed to Talking Town, an independent label associated with REX Records in 1987 and changed their name to Armageddon. They released their first full length effort recorded at Morning Star Studio in Pennsylvania, “The Money Mask” in 1988 with the help of recording artist, Joe Hasselvander (Raven, Death Row, Cathedral, Blue Cheer, Pentagram), Danny Wilkinson (Taker), Charlie Phillips (Snydley Crunch, R.T. Flair) and Mark Miley. The release received enthusiastic reviews in the US, Canada, Europe and South America. The band’s line up for live performances: Robbie Lee (guitar), Robert Bussey (guitar), Danny Wilkinson (bass), Scott Spelbring (drums), and Mike Vance (vocals) played numerous live performances in the US from1988 thru 1991.

The band suffered a falling out with its record company in the early 90’s but resurfaced in 2007 with a re-release of “The Money Mask” on Retroactive Records. The two disc remastered release included the Second Chance demos and various outtakes from studio sessions.

Armageddon released their new album called, UP IN FLAMES in July, 2015. Robbie Lee, Mike Vance, Robert Bussey and Joe Hasselvander headed up the project which also features John Gallagher from the band Raven on bass. The album has received no less than rave reviews from the music community and fans alike. (Read some of the reviews right here on the website!)

In December of 2015, Armageddon USA received two music awards for Best Album of the Month and Best Song of the Month (SPINNER). They won Best Heavy Metal Album of 2015 (for unsigned bands) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California at the Akademia Music Awards.

Armageddon USA – Nightflight (Heavy Metal)

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