On October 20th 2017, sludgy space metal band ARCHONS released their new album “Lords Of Light And Thunder”.

Skipping across the inky depths of heavy music, San Diego’s Archons have been a scourge on the West Coast scene since 2003. Shortwave bursts of static crunch guitar slammed up against spiraling drums and ominous bass, this is black robe and pressure suit metal.  

2009 saw their debut on vinyl with the tripped-out sonics of “Punish the Stars”, captured by Toshi Kasai at Clear Lake Audio. The 2017 follow-up “Lords of Light and Thunder” conjures equal parts radio serial of the past, and some epic poem of the distant future. 
Recorded in the cave-like gloom of Toshi Kasai and Dale Crover’s ‘Sound of Sirens’ studio, “Lords of Light and Thunder” endows such songs as “Galaxians”, “Dr. Pain” and “Creature” with their muscular lead-shield riffing. The icy surgery of “Red Shift Demon” evokes classic metal doctrine, and tunes like “Mysterians” and “Kid Nitro” apply the psychedelic scum rock paddles to the LP’s black heart.  
Power disk riders, mutant time-travelers and fans of rock-n-roll unite! Got your ticket? Get on board!
Archons Features:
Scott Driscoll – drums and laser blasts
Chad Hartgrave – bass and vocals
Jeff Haynes – guitar and vocals

Archons – Ghost of Python

Archons – Punish The Stars

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Band location – San Diego California

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