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Apathy Noir

Apathy Noir (founded as Apathy, renamed to Apathy Noir in 2016) rose from the blackened remains of Sweden’s Nattstrype, a black metal band in which Viktor Jonas played drums (and was then known as Vrede). They released three demos before deciding to disband. The year was 2003.

The split allowed Jonas to focus on the guitar, an instrument he had been playing for just a few weeks. He spent the next few years perfecting his newfound craft, writing and recording dozens of acoustic folk songs. He eventually decided it was time to share his music with the world. He recruited two friends to help with vocals and lyrics (Vidar Wetterhall), and bass (Sebastian Gustafsson), and in the spring of 2006 recorded his debut demo, “Cold Endless Winter”, a three song EP of melodic doom-death. Aside from the lyrics, the album’s music was written, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jonas.

After a couple months of hiatus, Viktor began working on new songs for an upcoming release. In late summer of 2007 he was approached by Serge Farinas (Simbelmyne, Amidst the Withering) and collaborations were initiated. Serge added additional rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars to the songs. As on the first EP, Sebastian Gustafsson and Vidar Wetterhall were once again hired for bass guitar and vocal duties. Another guest musician, Johan Dyyk, contributed with guitar solos for two of the songs. The full-lenght album “A Silent Nowhere” was released in April 2008.

During late 2009 and mid-2010 Viktor found a new vocalist in Cláudio Lousada. Again, Viktor seeked Serge Farinas for help, this time with bass guitar, instead of backup and additional lead guitar like on the previous record. Unfortunately, the sad reality of daily life and work obligations put the band on hold and the already finished songs remained without vocals and bass guitars.

However, in September 2011 Viktor started to patch together all the pieces from those songs and ideas that were formed years ago and in January 2012 the EP “Ghost Light” was released.

In December of 2012 work began on the follow-up to “A Silent Nowhere”. Feeling re-energized and filled with fresh ideas most of the material was written by Viktor during a period of 5 months. This time around Viktor decided to handle the bass guitar himself which meant that the songs could be finished much sooner than otherwise but also giving Viktor the creative control of the bass as well. A new vocalist was also found in Philip Grüning. The new album, “Beneath The Ashen Sky” was released on October 14 2013.

In March 2014 Viktor announced that a new record was in the making. The writing and recording process has actually started in December 2013. However, in the spring of 2015, vocalist Phiip Grüning decided to leave the band. Vocal recordings had already begun and of course this was a setback for the recording process. All the songs were written and recorded, all that was left was the vocals. Luckily, friend and previous member Vidar Wetterhall (vocals on “Cold Endless Winter” and “A Silent Nowhere”) was interested in rejoining the band. He came up with a lyrical concept and after a few months of test recordings, Viktor and Vidar spent the autumn and winter to lay down the vocals.

The new album, entitled Across Dark Waters, was released on January 26 2016. Musically it is a more melodic and varied album than its predecessor, as it expands the progressive and atmospheric soundscapes even further, while still retaining a definitive Apathy Noir-sound.

Shortly after the release of Across Dark Waters, the band was forced to change their name due to legal issues. The band is now known as Apathy Noir and the entire discography was re-released in digital form on Bandcamp with new artwork.

Apathy Noir – Time and Tide

Apathy Noir – Beyond The Sea

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