Mother Earth
Self released
Release: 3 June 2022

ANTIMOZDEBEAST, the Florida based solo project by Gabriel Palacio, binds elements of folk, rock, metal and electronic into the music. The project exposes personal experiences of adversity, and complex relationships of religious concepts including God, good and evil, and the afterlife, through experimental soundscapes.

“Mother Earth will be released on June 3rd. Its underlying message is the spiritual battle mankind has faced from the beginning of our time. I delve into the human psyche, and reveals possibilities of another world that we cannot see feel or hear yet know exists.”

Mother Earth focuses on the spirituality of the individual as well as society and human history. With inspiration derived from NIN, ROB ZOMBIE, SKINNY PUPPY, CYGNOSIC  and more, ANTIMOZDEBEAST finds his music manifests with a balance of sound, noise, and metal. Beginning with an enthralling poetical discourse  “Infernal Purgatory” introduces the complex, contrapuntal layering of melodies, instruments and spoken word that are epochal to ANTIMOZDEBEAST. High intensity prevails with chaotic moods developing through the music. Anguished and tortuous vocals, seen across the album including in “Balance of War”, bring a raw openness to the tracks. “Frozen Deity (Interlude)” deviates from the dark and harsh aspects with a temperament leaning towards the serene as orchestral instruments entwine with electronics. Phasing in and out, the track sees different sections emerge and fade as the piece develops with each new segment.

ANTIMOZDEBEAST offers a powerful listening experience by creating a distinctive form of expression. Poignant and moving notions are presented in progressive manners throughout each track on Mother Earth. The result is a fascinating artistic creation that is unafraid to venture into unsettling realms.

AntiMozdeBeast – Infernal Purgatory

AntiMozdeBeast – Institutions and Prisms

AntiMozdeBeast – The Bleak

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