“Float like a dragonfly, sting like a bee.” That’s probably how Anisoptera prefer to think of the legendary Ali quote, as they explore the wonders of this carnivorous insect on their début full-length through the medium of progressive death metal. Spawn of Odonata lands straight in the middle of the Californian hotbed of metal in the Bay Area, fully formed and fighting fit.

As a mission statement, Spawn of Odonata is ambitious; fusing jazz, technicality, melody, and blistering death metal, Randall Krieger knows precisely how to craft the right balance that darts all over the place but without becoming tiresome. His riffs and solos echo the greats in Obscura and Decrepit Birth, interwoven into a death metal tapestry that offers much on repeat listens. Robby Perry, meanwhile, lays down a gauntlet of harsh vocal dominance. His lows are a roar that offsets well against the higher screams, not unlike Travis Ryan in decimation mode.

Aside from the wealth of talent between the duo, there are a few other names of note. Behind the mixing desk is producer Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh, Bleeding Through), while guesting in the vocal booth are Jared Christianson (Arkaik, on “Aerial Predator”) and Jimbo Patton (Aethere, on “Cursed”), both of whom provide unique dynamics against Perry’s already varied harsh vocals.

Having already shared the stage with a bewildering list of bands – from Deicide and Dying Fetus to Sepultura and Septicflesh – Anisoptera are just getting started with making a name for themselves. Spawn of Odonata is a quintessential example of a band emerging from their cocoon, ready to take on the world at large.

FFO: Cattle Decapitation, Obscura, Deeds of Flesh

Anisoptera is:
Randall Krieger – Guitars
Robby Perry – Vocals
(Guest) Jared Christianson (Arkaik, on “Aerial Predator”)
(Guest) Jimbo Patton (Aethere, on “Cursed”)
Mixed by Mick Kenney at The Barracks Recording Studio.

“Spawn of Odonata” Track Listing:
1. Parasite
2. Rebirth
3. Cursed
4. Aerial Predator
5. Sporadic Cycle
6. Ammonite
7. Sterilization
8. Heterochromia Iridis

Spawn of Odonata releases on 14th September

Anisoptera – Sterilization

Anisoptera – Rebirth

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