Angry Corpses – Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD:  How would you describe yourself or your band as an artist?

AC: Angry Thrashy Compassionate Distinct Crossover


PD: Can you tell us briefly about your background – i.e. where you’re from, how you came to make music, etc.

AC: The band was originally from LODI NJ we came from hardcore street music dark punk rock and speed metal backgrounds who happened to jam just 4 blocks away from THE MISFITS. The music and lyrics flowed naturally then and still does now as long as THE MAN keeps sticking it to us we will keep sticking it to THE MAN


PD: Who and what inspires you to make music, both in terms of musical and other influences? What do you like to write about in your songs?

AC: PRETTY MUCH SAME AS #2 But the media and politicians are very inspiring to write about plus bullies fakes snakes and any and all assholes on the planet. Inspirations musically definitely bands that can stick together for 40 years and keep KILLING IT.


PD: What are your aspirations as an artist?



PD: What is the proudest moment in your music career so far?

AC: Being able to continue writing and playing on stages all over the world opening for bands like MOTÖRHEAD TYPE O NEGATIVE MADBALL LIFE OF AGONY PRO PAIN MERAUDER MUURPHYS LAW HR OF BAD BRAINS to name a few.. plus so many more but also knowing that we were one of the bands that started the CROSSOVER STYLE that made HISTORY that means a lot


PD: Promoting one’s music is such a challenge these days, especially with so many new artists emerging from bedrooms in the day of the home studio. How is that going?

AC: YEA true but honestly 0 FUCKS on that one


PD: And how do you book and promote your live shows and tours? Any performances coming up?

AC: Through our socials and sometimes promoters /booking agents working with the band. YES 3/23 THE UNION FIREHOUSE MOUNT HOLLY NJ 3/24 DEBONAIR MUSIC HALL TEANECK NJ 3/25 LUCKY 13 BROOKLYN NY 3/26 BOND STREET BASEMENT ASBURY PARK NJ


PD: What do you think about downloading music online? What about streaming sites like Spotify?

AC: Not a fan its OVERKILL


PD: What song do you wish you’d written and why?

AC: Never thought about it but maybe THRILLER by Michael Jackson hahaha and probably because Edward Van Halen would have played the lead on it and I would be traveling Europe and chillin for the rest of my life sippin tea with 0 fucks to give


PD: Is there anything you don’t like about the music industry, which you would change if you could?

AC: Yes everything go back to 87′ ha


PD: So, what are you working on at the moment?

AC: Getting ready To play some spotty short runs of shows in the USA for now writing recording and kickin it with the fellas supporting the scene


PD: Where can we learn more about you and buy your music/merch online?

AC: FB Angry Corpses NJHC  IG @angrycorpses_njhc merch is online at

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