Angel Tyrs

A composition of different metal styles, rousing songs and a hard, powerful sound: Angel Tyrs (formerly Angel Tears) are back after a break with a new name and new vigour.

The metal band can look back on a long band history: Founded in 1998, a year later the band took first place at the “Greenhorn Festival” band competition in Dinkelsbühl.

Gigs with Graveworm, Dark At Dawn, Chinchilla and Blackend are just some of the many references the band is very proud of.

The music style can best be described as “melodic metal”, while the band members Timmo, Tom, Boffi, Johannes and Uwe contribute to letting different directions flow in. The result: an independent, self-confident and individual sound that sweeps away and inspires the audience.

Angel Tyrs are back – new album in spring 2023

It’s obvious that Timmo, Tom, Boffi, Johannes and Uwe enjoy live performances. After a long break, the guys from Angel Tyrs (formerly Angel Tears) are back and really getting going with their new album, which will be released in spring 2023. The metal band convinces. Not only with their long band history. After the band formed in 1998 under the name “Angel Tears”, no one would have guessed that the following year they would take first place in the “Greenhorn Festival” band competition, from which their first live album “Live in Dinkelsbühl” emerged . Other highlights of their career were joint performances with well-known bands such as Graveworm, Dark At Dawn, Chinchilla and Blackend.

However, private and professional commitments and priorities caused the metalheads to take a longer break, which was only to be resolved in 2018 thanks to former bassist Manfred “Charly” Spitzbart. Since 2021, Timmo Basic has been the new bass player, who powerfully supports the energetic sound of the band with his line-up.

The new name Angel Tyrs symbolizes new times for the band.

Where do Angel Tyrs like to hang out musically?

A strong, powerful guitar sound alternates with clear, catchy melodies. The music style can best be described as “Melodic Metal”. But other metal styles are also used in the songs – the result is a unique, independent and unmistakable sound. The profound and yet realistic texts convey a feeling of familiarity.

In addition to the rousing stage show, the driving and melodic songs manage to take the audience on an unforgettable journey. “Our metal sound is rather demanding and we attach great importance to arrangement,” explains singer and guitarist Stefan “Boffi” Schaufler. “Copied and dusty melodies aren’t really our thing.”

New album in spring 2023

The new album, on which the band is currently working diligently, will be released in spring 2023. If you can’t wait: There’s a lot to listen to on all popular streaming services – because Angel Tyrs can now also be heard there.

Angel Tyrs – Why (coming soon)

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