Andy Rocks – Look At What We’ve Done

Andy Rocks – Look At What We’ve Done

ANDΥ ROCKS – album “Look at what we’ve done!” (26 July 2021, Soman Records)

  1. Digital Detox
  2. Keep On Pretending
  3. Look At What We’ve Done
  4. Time Flies
  5. Hot As Hell
  6. Regret
  7. Glass Of Wine 
  8. Motorway
  9. You Are The Enemy
  10. Get Me A Drink


ANDΥ ROCKS – album “Look at what we’ve done!” (26 July 2021, Soman Records)

First off – I just can’t believe that there are just a few reviews of this album yet! How is that possible! This debut album that was released on July from Soman Records is something special!

This is without a doubt one of the best albums for the last months in hard/alternative rock. It is just so classy from start to finish, I think that many people can be impressed about Andy Rocks.

Leaving that aside, this album has not any fillers and should appeal to all of you who like your hard rock with a bit of modern influence. The production is really nice, raw enough for mass acceptance but not so overproduced as all of this modern crap…I could quite easily sit here and give you a track-by-track opinion of this album, but I know track by track reviews are really boring so I’ll just pick out some highlights.

“Time Flies”, a nice ballad that highlights the sensitive and unique vocals of Andrea Weiss, the homonymous song featuring some great drum performance and also the two video clips, the rock n roll party song  “Get Me A Drink” and the astonishing “Regret” with some really sophisticated lyrics.

What else to say?

Well the cover is not really special, a photo of the beautiful singer of the band, but the music is just so kick ass fucking awesome that I don’t care. I also really checked some outstanding musicianship on here in many songs, especially the drummer and the solo guitarist are awesome.

Buy this album if you like old school but also modern hard rock and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Review by Greek Dreams

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