Andromeda Anarchia’s DARKMATTERS – Review

Andromeda Anarchia’s DARKMATTERS – Review



01 – THE ANGEL’S FALL (6:25)
03 – BLACK TANTRA  (5:37)
04 – DEMONS ON THE WALL (6:04)
05 – EVERMORE (Theme For Rolf) (7:23)


Andromeda Anarchia : vocals, compositions, lyrics
Laurent David : bass
Malcolm Braff : piano
Olaf Ryter : drums
Patrik Schwitter : sound design and engineering

I find myself very fortunate to be able to hear the beauty that is contained in music. It is my choice of what music I listen to, which track moves me, excites me and sometimes even, which track leaves me totally fulfilled. So when an artist is being introduced to me by a well respected friend (Thanks Ana x) as someone whose music I will love, I take a serious listen.

The background to Andromeda Anarchia’s DARKMATTERS is written through her battles with bipolar disorder. It is a songwriting project, that includes 27 songs and motifs, which were written during an episode of bipolar disorder. The music reflects the intense emotions and energies, which she experienced during that time: dark, electrifying and very sensual. Through her songs she intends to create an impression of what such an episode is like. The listener can experience the terrifying  emotional rollercoaster ride that haunts sufferers never knowing if they are flying or falling. 

From the very first notes of the piano intro to “Angel’s Fall” I was hooked. The music hits you hard, the vocals are beautiful and intense the whole is so cleverly layered and produced. This wonderful opener certainly lives up to the brief. The opening line “I fell straight into Hell” gets right to the point. Angel’s Fall envisages a battle taking place between good and evil, sanity and insanity.

“Shameless Virgin” is another attack on the level of sanity and anger. My God this is a stunning track. The beat will have you shaking your head and the jazz vibe will soothe your soul.  You just don’t know where this will go next, but as soon as it goes there, you know it is perfect. 

It has been stated that the electric bass guitar is Andromeda Anarchia’s favourite instrument and that she likes to highlight it in all of her work. This is so apparent but no more so then on “Black Tantra” where French bassist Laurent David plays the most sublime bass solo that you will hear ever…

On each track Andromeda’s vocal performance is out of this world, but on “Demons On The Wall” she truly exceeds herself. Think of “The Great Gig In The Sky” getting a Fiona Apple like rock treatment whilst being really pissed at the world and you’re nearly there. “Demons On The Wall” is so charged with emotion that you may need to sit down to listen to it (I know I did)

Final track “Evermore (Theme For Rolf)” is simply magnificent. Rolf was a musician who faced bipolar disorder and committed suicide in December 2015. Andromeda found this beautiful track whilst at a concert that was held in his honour. “All of a sudden, I had a flash of words and melodies in my head. A fast stream and my hand just followed with a pencil; I got home and played it over and over again.” “Evermore (Theme For Rolf)”is dedicated to everyone who faces the dark sides of bipolar disorder and to everyone who lost someone beloved because of suicide.

Throughout the EP the production is outstanding and the creativity of each track will give you goosebumps on so many occasions. The sublime and enchanting vocals of Andromeda plus the excellent musicianship of Laurent David, Malcolm Braff and Olaf Ryter coupled with the superb sound design and engineering of Patrik Schwitter makes this a record of sheer brilliance. The depth of sound on each track will take you on a journey. Sometimes you will be scared, you may need your comfort blanket. but rest assured that the journey is worth it. The EP will leave you open mouthed saying “WOW!!” repeatedly. I have never heard anything like it….. I have found my record of the year.


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