Andre Comeau

Andre Comeau


Andre Comeau, the “rocker-guy” on the original season of MTV’s groundbreaking reality series The Real World, releases his new solo EP WRONG WITHIN, March 27th via EMP LABEL GROUP.  WRONG WITHIN is 5 songs of straightforward Hard-Rock written and performed by the guitarist and vocalist.  

On Wrong Within Comeau returns to his roots, fronting a heavy rock band with veteran session musician Darren Elpant on drums. Toeing the line between classic and cutting edge, Comeau proves that guitar-rock can still be vital, original, and relevant in 2020. 

Listen to “Son of a Gun” here –

Born in 70’s-era Detroit to a family of touring musicians, the reluctant reality star grew up steeped in all genres of music. Possessed with an instinctual sense of melody, Andre has music in his blood.

His band Reigndance—which also featured Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather) helped ignite but quickly outgrew the burgeoning Detroit music scene of the early 90’s. Shortly after relocating to New York, Andre was chosen to be a cast member of the inaugural season of MTV’s seminal reality show ‘The Real World’. The show was an instant success, Andre and his band were afforded massive exposure. After three records and extensive touring the band found themselves at a creative crossroads, they disbanded in 1997.

Says Comeau, “I’m proud of everything we did in Reigndance, we took it up the mountain.  We grew up together and then grew apart. The Real World was just a moment in time but a very real part of my life. What it became was something I disconnected with and was uncomfortable defending. As our world changed into the reality based, instantly-gratified place it is now, it’s easier to look back and see it’s importance. There were times it felt like a counter-active force, but in hindsight it was incredible to be a part of something so transformative.” 

Comeau relocated to Los Angeles in search of fresh stimuli and new musical landscapes. The 2000s found Andre returning to the folk music of his youth with River Rouge. They released a handful of well received albums and became a highlight of the Los Angeles club scene, but disbanded in 2016. 

In 2019, Comeau connected with Hard Rock staple EMP LABEL GROUP, head up by Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and his running partner Thom Hazaert, and triumphantly returns to his hard rock roots with the Wrong Within EP—a straight-no-chaser collection of ballsy Rock songs.

Says Hazaert, “I have always been a fan of Andre’s music, which, of course, I discovered through The Real World. Reigndance was a great Rock band, and from a distance, I have perpetually kept up with his musical endeavors over the years. While we had discussed briefly working together during the early 2000’s, which ultimately never came to fruition as he transitioned away from rock for a season, I’m extremely excited that it has come together now the way it has. Andre has always been an extremely gifted songwriter and a true entertainer.” 

Andre Comeau – Son Of A Gun

Andre Comeau
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