Ana Patan

The beast is unleashed!

Spice, Gold and Tales Untold has been released today!

About a decade of learning and experiencing with music has come to realisation! Hope you enjoy the result as much as I do!

For now, the release is strictly on Bandcamp, in my experience the only platform supporting independent music.

Wallach by birth, European by choice and a citizen of the world by unavoidable casualty, Ana Patan brings a melting-pot type of music luggage, congenial and familiar, still difficult to place. The German of Romanian descends, based in Sweden, grew up in a nest of Romantic influence, with a rich folkloric expression of its own, in the Slavic region at the crossroads of Western Europe and the Orient. She has been absorbing experiences and making music in many corners of the world, from the ancient republic of Venice or the dark Scandinavian woods, from New York to Istanbul and Hong Kong. 
Ana’s sultry voice, guitar playing abilities and her impacting genuineness are in service of a more aware and more relaxed modern world. Her music is extrovert and rich in contrast and duality; organic and intellectual, funny and critical, energetic and laid-back, a multi-facetted hymn to everyday life, a mirror held to individual and humanity with all faults and splendour.
Ana Patan’s album “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold” has been recorded on 2 inch tape, with only minimal compression/EQ and no computerised timing, the result being a soothing, natural and dynamic piece of work of unrestricted and skilled artistic interaction, that took almost seven years to produce. 

Ana Patan – 21st Century Citizen

Colors on Hormones An impression of an exotic, bedazzling, frantic, exciting, intimidating, inspiring city – Hong Kong, a place of superlatives, challenging all senses, of verticality, colour, sound, roots, reality…

Ana Patan – Colors on Hormones

The Human makes bitter fun of how we mess up our planet, each other and our own selves, while still maintaining overinflated egos and attitudes of uniqueness and superiority. 

Following long time personal concerns, the text explores subjects like wildlife vandalism, planet devastation and ultimately self destruction through weapons, greed, ignorance and segregation by race, wealth or class.

Just how unworthy this ungrateful planet actually is of our “immortal” and “important” presence is depicted by the absurd scenario in the last verse, in which shuttles are taking us to safety, after the Earth is fully destroyed, onto a cleaner and more tolerant planet, “that will show some respect for our human needs”. 

The artwork, based on a picture by Sabine Obst, combines the human face with elements of the animal and the vegetal world, representing the close bonds we have with nature and reminding us that we do share the same fate.

This is a light-hearted, nonchallant song with playful guitars on calypso rythms, expressing a serious message.

Ana Patan – The Human

General Conspiracy is a groovy ode about one of those days when nothing works and the whole universe seems to be messing with you. It describes the beautiful helplessness of human beings in their frantic race for control. 

Ana Patan – General Conspiracy

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