Alpha Bootis

Canadian act Alpha Boötis will unleash the Stowaway Ants EP this December, two original tracks of space disco synth metal and one creative cover to stimulate the imagination.  The band offers up this fantastical background tale:

The year is 2584, the first interstellar colony ship is set to leave earth-orbit after almost three decades of construction and tests. A massive 300 000+ crew, the best and brightest spirits of every country on Earth, has undertaken a long and grueling selection and training process, and they are all eager to make humanity the first multi-stellar species. 

Unbeknownst to them, a tiny group of opportunists has endeavored to thwart their pretentious plans. A few thousand ants have managed to climb aboard one of the last shipments of goods from the Cape Canaveral supply rocket launching ground with their queen. Will these resourceful insects survive the centuries of interstellar travel that awaits them? Will they beat humanity to the punch and become the first species to set foot on an exoplanet? Find out in Alpha Boötis’ new EP, Stowaway Ants! 

The band is particularly excited about the title track.   Composer/multi-instrumentalist Étienne “Ozymandias” Vézina says, 

“I started writing this song during a road-trip through the US east coast in a time that already feels distant and foreign… November 2019. I was inspired by a lonely ant who hopped in our car as we left North Carolina’s Outer Banks and stayed with us all the way to the New Jersey Pinelands. I just thought about how massive and unfathomable that distance must have felt to such a small being and found parallels to our perception of outer space and interstellar distances. That’s the emotion I wanted to convey in the song, as well as the hope and exhilaration that inhabits explorers and pioneers.”

Stowaway Ants will be released on December 11th, 2020.   

Track Listing and Credits:

  1. Stowaway Ants
    Music by Étienne “Ozymandias” Vézina

Lyrics by Emmanuel “Harakoa” Raymond and Ozymandias

Produced by Ozymandias
 Saxophone engineering by Adrien Agard
 Vocals by Harakoa and Ozymandias

Guitars and Synths by Ozymandias

Drum programming by Matt “Jotunbot” Switocz
 Saxophone by Ambroise “Krøgorlön” Marthet

  1. Plasmic Wastes of Alkalurops

Music by Francis “Frak” Beaudet and Ozymandias

Produced by Ozymandias

Guitars and Synths by Ozymandias

Drum programming by Jotunbot


  1. Every Breath You Take (The Police Cover)

Music and Lyrics by Sting

Arranged by Ozymandias

Produced by Ozymandias and Stéphane Grimm

Engineered by Stéphane Grimm at Studios No Name


All tracks mixed by Ozymandias

All tracks mastered by David Fuller at Fuller Studios


Artwork by Velocipasta

Alpha Bootis – Towards The Sun

Alpha Bootis – Circling the Belt of Orion

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