Post-metal band ALLUVION have released their new album The Secret’s Out  via PureGrainAudio. The album will be released this Friday.

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Post-metal band ALLUVION have released their single “Mayday” via Alternative Control. The track is from their new album The Secret’s Out which will be released this Friday.

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Virginia’s ALLUVION have just released their new single “Husk” via Indy Metal Vault. The song is from their upcoming album The Secret’s Out which will be released on September 6th 2019.

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“Ever since spawning at the turn of the century, Alluvion has only improved upon their brand of melodic psych-sludge with a poignant emotional core.”  — Whurk Magazine

 “I first saw/heard/shot Alluvion back in late December 2016 at a fundraiser in Orange, VA. They had their own lights and fog machines going…and then they started playing. Between the strobes, the blue light and that quirky, nuanced sound, it was nothing short of a spectacle.  And truthfully, it’s one thing to write great songs but it’s quite another to add a level of detail that brazenly says “I’m pouring parts of my soul into this.” — Jay Tamangan, Rogue Crayon

Virginia rockers Alluvion are gearing up to release their third full length album, The Secret’s Out.  Defined by their electrifying live performances and hardworking DIY work ethic, there is no way to keep this band a secret.

About Alluvion
Alluvion is a 4-piece post-metal band formed in rural Virginia in 1999.  Mixing elements of melodic metal, doom, psych and noise rock in their sound, the band has sustained itself throughout the years with its ambitious, hard working attitude and D.I.Y. approach.  They have toured the East Coast, sharing the stage with many bands and becoming known for delivering immersive live performances.  2014 saw the release of their self-titled debut full length, followed by 2016’s Reverberations EP and 2017’s critically acclaimed  …Of the One Consciousness.  Alluvion’s latest album, The Secret’s Out, is scheduled for release on September 6 2019.

John Harmon III- Lead Vocal
Stephen Sullivan – Guitar . Vocal
Andrew Murray – Drums . Vocal
Brian Carnes – Bass

Alluvion – Husk

Alluvion – Oblivious

Alluvion – Larva

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