What is left, after a fire of purification sweeps the land? According to Allfather, the earth is laid to waste, And All Will Be Desolation. The sludge-laden and hardcore-infused death metal from the UK are set to release this second album via Rotting Throne Records. The band have been around since 2013, and have a crystal clear goal in mind with the approach they want to take.

Building on the success of debut Bless the Earth With Fire (described as ‘heaving, doomy sludgery with a backbone of gritty metallic hardcore and a belly full of piss and vinegar’ by No Clean Singing), And All Will Desolation offers a further push at the boundaries of anger, emotion, ambition and intensity. “We seem to get heavier as we get angrier as well, so the last couple of years have really helped us to dial up the aggression in our music,” Tom reveals.
 The record deals out punishing exercises in riff-driven brutality, such as first single ‘Citadels’, while taking time out to explore more expansive, melodic territory in epic album closer ‘Lampedusa’. In between, Allfather connect the dots between Entombed’s death and roll, Crowbar’s anguished sludge, Nails’ hardcore intensity and the swaggering southern doom of early Down. As vocalist Tom puts it, “for some of us, Allfather was our first band and might be our last, so the songs we write are really a distillation of all the music we love. That means we don’t fit easily into any particular genre, but we have found a way of putting our influences together and making coherent, memorable songs out of them.”

If Bless the Earth With Fire was one band raging at the world’s injustices, then And All Will Be Desolation captures the physical and emotional exhaustion of fighting against oppression and injustice when the odds are hopelessly stacked against you. Lest this be seen as one of those generic and aimless ‘the world’s gone to the dogs’ sentiments, the band have very specific targets in mind. For instance, opener ‘Black Triangle’ “is about what happens when people fail to oppose fascism, partly inspired by the Nazi T4 program, where disabled people were removed from their families and killed. It was the prototype for the Holocaust, and happened in plain sight to very little opposition.”Conversely, closer Lampedusa “deals with the refugee crisis in Europe, where displaced people from Africa and the Middle East have been left to drown in the Mediterranean Sea because of the inhuman and racist anti-immigration policies pursued by European nations, including the UK.”

And All Will Be Desolation is a lament for what has been lost, and a rallying cry to try once more to loosen humanity from the grip of intolerance. If you’re going to storm the barricades once more, why not do it with fire in your belly and riffs in your ears?


Allfather are:
Tom Ballard – vocals
Alan Cordner – guitar
Andrew Day – bass
Joe Goatham – guitar
Aaron Phillips – drums
(Kieron Sullivan – drums on the album)


1. Black Triangle
2. Citadels
3. Lord Betrayer
4. By Sword, By Famine, By Plague
5. Jackals Night
6. Inherit The Dust
7. Lampedusa

Allfather – Inherit The Dust

Allfather – The Great Destroyer

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