There’s a moment during the making of an album where you don’t know if you’ll finish it. 

Endless was riddled with these cynical epiphanies. It’s unavoidable when you’ve spent over half a decade tinkering away. 


But as we closed in on the finish line, there was a sense that this could be the last work you ever complete. That spurs the process on, giving urgency. 

 If you spend 14 years between albums, you want to make every note count.

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 “Funny Way” is in many ways the beating heart of Endless. It is chronologically the earliest recording on this album, bridging a gap between two musical worlds in our lives. “Funny Way” holds a unique and earnest place within our catalogue of music.
Allegories’ recording process doesn’t allow for obvious endpoints. 

We set barriers before recording (no guitars, beat-driven, etc.) to limit the choices. 

But that still leaves a lot of room for expansion, variations, refinement, and scrutiny.

 The two of us made this album in a vacuum, without anyone hearing a note of it for over five years. That approach takes an almost arrogant level of belief, but with a remove that allows you to make ruthless decisions. Nothing can be precious.
You have to trust your ears after you’ve followed your heart.

Allegories – Always True

Allegories – Constant

Allegories – Pray

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