Ali Jacko

Ali Jacko

Many people have underestimated the stubborn determination of Ali Jacko, a self- proclaimed ordinary English lad (half Bangladesh)  who just happens to be a five times World Kickboxing Champion. With his gloves hung up, after a hugely successful and award winning career in the ring as both fighter and promoter, he has now fully embraced his long-time passion for music.

Although initially, this may sound like a disjointed career path, the more he pushed to the limits, with his determine nature and unfaltering approach to life, and soon he realized that his next step is to be a recording artist and it made perfect sense. 
Back in June 2016, he released his 2nd single called “You Are The Reason” a song he wrote to express how much his daughters meant to him, followed by his 3rd Single called “Working Man”.

With his singing and songwriting, he has started his new dream!   Emphasising the commitment that made him a world champion fighter, Jacko will be  releasing 11 new singles throughout 2018, one each month, all the way through to November 2018 and all of them accompanied by captivating music videos. 
The new single – “I Found LOVE” is accompanied by a beautifully personal music video that heralds and celebrates that romantic date in the calendar, Valentine’s day, with the video certain to warm all romantic hearts.   I Found LOVE has already been picked up for the soundtrack to a major Bollywood movie.
Jacko’s love of English and US rock music has laid the foundations for his recent recordings and he prides himself on being the first British Asian artist to be performing “British/USA Rock” and he proudly proclaims that he will only make music to touch people’s hearts and nourish their souls.
Jacko’s determination and drive has inspired none other than Nashville’s feted John ‘The Yoshman’ Jaszcz (Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Billy Ray Cyrus) to produce the tracks “Only Thing I See” and “What If I Loved You Like That”, whilst another track, “Army Of Angels” has already been picked up to appear on a movie soundtrack for an English movie due to be released by media giants Netflix.

Ali Jacko – Think It Over

Ali Jacko – I Found Love

Ali Jacko – Give My Love (Bangla)

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