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Buggy is a 13-year-old rapper whose talents came to the forefront unexpectedly at a young age. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, known as the third coast, Buggy grew up with musical parents and has been around music his entire life. 

Influenced by the likes of P.O.D., it was not until a trip to the studio that a seasoned singer was made aware of his undiscovered talents. Buggy began to sing songs just as well as the singer, and was soon found that he could also rap his heart out far beyond his years.  

He began to dive into practicing for hours a day to hone in on his talents and gifts when asked to do a “test run” in the studio, not knowing what to expect, he made his way to the studio where he far surpassed everyone’s expectation with his debut album Enemies of the State with his band Alarm For War.  

Being only 12 at the time, the now 13-year-old Buggy`s talent and ability has risen to the level of expectation at every given step and then some. Enemies of the State is an in your face hardcore album that is on the cutting edge in today’s rapcore metal scene, with Brian Bart (Logic Recordings) engineering the album, Jr McNeely (Grammy Award winner) editing and mixing the album, and Brad Blackwood doing the mastering.

When asked about his favorite track is off the album, Buggy responded, “I like all of the songs, however I would say my favorite song would be ‘Enemies of the State / Repent.’ These songs are very much ‘GET ME GOIN’’ kind of songs which is why I like rapping them the best. What you hear on the tracks is exactly what to expect LIVE.” 

And speaking of performing live, Buggy has one artist in particular he would like to play shows with. “I would like to do a tour with Megadeth. They are the same genre as this band is in a lot of ways. Heavy metal is their band’s genre, so is this band…the only difference is this is a RAP/METAL band.”

With his unorthodox style, Buggy is garnering attention, as well as sending shockwaves throughout the music industry.

“I, along with the band, wish to ROCK the nation!!!”

Lead Singer – Rap & Vocals: Buggy

Lead Guitar: KISA

Bass: Fletcher

Drums: Smitty

Alarm For War – Love and NOT Hate

Alarm For War – Day Turned to Night

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