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It’s hard to define a real beginning for us as Aim To Head, we can say that we are a duo made up by two long time friends who started to play music together at the age about of 18, in Nettuno a province of Rome.
We used to play with only acoustic guitar and voice, most of the times in a car, in a parking or in any unprepared place.
We never took a class and never learned a someone else’s song, for the first months we didn’t even have an electric guitar.
In the 2013 we stepped in a rehearsal for the first time with some tracks made by electronic bases and real instruments.


Around the summer of 2014 we were thinking about recording some of our songs, so we had our first experience in a studio, but was a disaster!
The local studios were asking too much money per hour, that we didn’t have!
And the result of this was an hasty and trashy work that has never been published.
The live shows were maybe even worse, because that kind of music was not much appreciated by the local’s public, even if a little niche was amused and interested the most were accustomed to classical genres, so the clubs were always half empty and the wage was minimal.


During the 2015 we were leaving all that was the “rock” part in our music for a more industrial and nu metal sound, inspired by bands like Disturbed or Static-X.
So we changed our name in Aim To Head and we started to recording a self-titled EP of 5 tracks, but after almost a year and several problems with the sound engineer we had to skip the studio and give up the idea of make an EP.
So we decided to proceed with singles, making our debut on November 2016 with the single
“Be Drone”. Then followed “Ruthless” “Flames Away” “Dark is Coming” and now “Lies”


Aim To Head – Hidden Room

Aim To Head – No Way

Aim to Head – Lies

Aim to Head – Dark Is Coming

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