Aiden Hatfield

Aiden Hatfield

Aiden Hatfield releases debut EP ‘Chapter One’

After the massive success of his debut single ‘This is Never Ending’, Leeds-based Rock/Alternative Solo Artist and Multi Instrumentalist Aiden Hatfield is due to release his debut EP ‘Chapter One’ on March 15th. The EP has already hit #1 on Amazon Music’s ‘Digital Rock Album’ chart.

The EP explores the themes of passion, conflict and loss.  The thoughts and feelings behind every song are not only apparent in the lyrical content, but are also very evident in the music that supports them. A person’s mind can only deal with so much, it’s clear that songwriting is Aiden’s way of allowing himself to speak about what he’s dealing with.  

Aiden openly suffers with Depression. He has dedicated the last four years to creating a successful brand that donates 50% of profits to the ‘Mind’ charity. After interviews on the likes of the BBC and with how prevalent the subject has now become in the music industry, the brand is thriving and continues to help people every day. Aiden’s music touches on these subjects and he hopes that through his music he can continue to do so. 

Tour dates:

Aiden will soon be announcing a UK-wide March/April ‘Chapter One’ Tour. 

Aiden states:

My debut EP ‘Chapter One’ is finished and ready to be released. I’m currently planning a release campaign.

​The EP is 5 tracks and 3 accompanying music videos. It’s a clear representation about how I feel about my life up until this point.

​I don’t tend to go in to specific details about the songs I have written (I prefer people to make their own interpretation about what they’re hearing), but this EP is about events in my life, how I deal with things, how I don’t deal with things, how I rely on music and how I struggle.

​I’m responsible for every aspect of this EP apart from the mixing. I’ve written the songs (lyrics, melodies, guitar drums and bass), recorded them and performed each instrument on the tracks. The EP has been mixed and mastered by the amazing Kieran Smith.

​I’ve written this EP for me but I hope you all enjoy it when I finally get to share it with the world <3

To me, the best thing about being a musician is playing live. I get to jump around like an idiot and people actually stand a watch. There’s honestly nothing better.

​Since departing my last band, it’s been two years since I was on stage. I can’t wait to be back up there and playing music that I’ve poured my heart and soul in to.

​Even if I’m playing to just the sound guy and my parents (which I did for a lot of years) I still love being up there.

​I hope to see you all at a show when I’m touring :]

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