Aeons In Solitude

Aeons In Solitude

AEONS IN SOLITUDE – single “White Witch” from upcoming album ”Mourning Cloak”…+Official video.

Aeons In Solitude is a doom metal band from Athens, Greece, formed by vocalist and composer Alex Roussos on May 2016. It all started as a solo project, but later turned into a full band on May 2018. Their sound consists of Doom/Gothic metal with progressive elements. Their debut album, entitled ‘’Mourning Cloak’’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Fragile Studio in Athens, by Vangelis Yalamas.

Line Up:

Alex Roussos – Vocals
Panagiotis Leontaritis – Lead Guitars
Theo Leoutsakos – Guitars
Demetrius Moustakis – Bass Guitar
George Zouborlis – Drums

‘’Mourning Cloak’’ will be released soon. Contains 8 songs.

One of them is the song “White Witch”.

Also released the White Witch’s official video. Watch it here.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Back in summer 2015, I had some ideas for a doom metal song. I wrote everything down and put them in a “vault” of riffs and lyrics. The months passed and on May 2016, I wanted to get back in music action. So, I wouldn’t think of a better person to work with, than my long time friend, teacher and producer Vangelis Yalamas who owns the Fragile Studio in Athens. Then, I,a 22 year old man with some riffs and no fuckin idea, contacted him and that time Aeons In Solitude was born. We started working on the first song and some really doom shit came to life! During the sessions, (to be accurate, the Fragile Sessions) magic was happening. The songs turned out to be very good, far better than I expected. Also, I managed to “unlock” my voice abilities. When I was recording vocals for the tracks, I wondered “Goddamnit , it is fuckin cool! How did I do that??”. The best thing of all is the sound we created for the band. We managed to combine my misery, melancholy, sadness, darkness (Don’t worry, I am a happy person!) ,the dark melodies, doom riffs with heavy and progressive elements (Thank you Van!).

Chapter 2: The birth of a full band

Everything was going on really well but I had a question in my mind: who can I trust to play my music ? So, on May 2018 , having 6 tracks of the album in my hands (out of 8 ) I asked my good friend Demetrius Moustakis to take on the guitars. Fortunately the bastard accepted ! The hardest part was to find a good rhythm section. Vangelis suggested 2 friends of his, Orestis Ntomis to play the bass and George Zouborlis to play the drums. By June 2018 we started rehearsing and as the line up was complete, we decided to film our first video clip. Then Orestis left the band due to personal reasons. Fortunately, Vangelis saved my ass again by bringing Z[e]n to the table. The first song I told you about in the beginning ,entitled “Age of Darkness”, was the first video we made and released on 4th October. Two weeks after its release, it reached 1000 views (Jesus!!!!). After that , the guitar hero Panagiotis Leontaritis joined the Solitude family on lead guitars, along with Konstantine Kiriakis who replaced Z[e]n in the bass guitar and the puzzle is now complete.

Chapter 3: Mourning Cloak

On July 2019, we filmed our second video for the song ‘’White Witch’’. That was a real pain in the ass!! I had to fire Konstantine one week before the shooting and George broke his leg! Felt like someone cursed the band! (I will find you, you son of a bitch 😛 ) Anyway, my good friend Z[e]n saved my ass again by joining the band for the video shooting. The video was released on 14th September. Also, our debut album, entitled Mourning Cloak, is finally ready!! On the cursed line up thing, Demetrius took on the bass duties (I was sick of searching for a bassist all the fuckin time!!!) and Theo Leoutsakos joined the band on the rhythm guitar position. Right now, we are rehearsing to get ready for live shows and we are in search of a record company, in order to release the album in early 2020. To be continued…

Aeons In Solitude – White Witch

Aeons In Solitude – Age Of Darkness

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