Aeons in Solitude – Mourning Cloak

Aeons in Solitude – Mourning Cloak

Aeons in Solitude – Mourning Cloak (22 April 2020 by Rock Company- NL)
review for Pete’s Rock News and Views
by The Rocket Man

1. White Witch 05:30
2. The Beast Within 07:07
3. Age of Darkness 05:33
4. A Rotting World 05:42
5. Until The End0 6:23
6. The Innocent Abandoned 09:39
7. Phantoms in the Mirror 05:11
8. …And They Lived On 05:54

No matter how many years have passed since I first started discovering music, it always is a great pleasure indeed to discover new bands from the global underground. Aeons in Solitude is a Gothic/Doom Metal band located in Athens, Greece. They were formed in 2016 and “Mourning Cloak” is their first album.

Aeons in Solitude add to their gothic/doom sound death metal influences which can be shown especially on the vocal growls. They have a nice guitar work that remains melodic for the most parts of the album enriched with some very nice leads throughout. The rhythm section sounds precise and nice working.

During the “Mourning Cloak” songs you will understand Aeons in Solitude love for doom metal and bands like Black Sabbath, Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass. Gothic metal influences in the likes of early Anathema, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, straight gothic references to Fields of the Nephilim and progressive metal influences in the likes of Opeth and The Gathering are also present.

The album has a nice flow. Songs I liked the most are the opening track and single “White Witch”, a song which has a King Diamond vibe and sounds close to the occult metal side, the Black Sabbath oriented “Age of Darkness”, the almost 10 minutes long epic “The Innocent Abandoned” and the closing track “…And They Lived On”.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Fragile Studio of the Greek prog metal band Fragile Vastness. The production is clear, the instruments and vocals are nicely heard and all this works for the benefit of the songwriting.

The Aeons in Solitude – “Mourning Cloak” debut is a very promising work. It is intended for the open minded fans of doom metal and gothic metal, but fans of gothic rock and progressive rock/metal will find interest in it. The album’s sweet melancholy and goth vibes reveal the darker shades of human behaviour and psychology. We impatiently await for their next work.

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