Adam Norsworthy

Adam Norsworthy

Adam Norsworthy , one of the UK’s most critically-acclaimed singer songwriters, returns on September 14th with a brand new solo album, THE CIRCUS MOON.

Best known for his work with established award-winning UK Blues rock band The Mustangs, Adam has forged a fascinating solo career that has seen his previous two albums Love & Wine, and Rainbird win countless accolades and tributes from the UK music Press.

THE CIRCUS MOON is Adam’s third and finest solo album yet, once again showcasing his range as a songwriter, guitarist, and lyricist. From the huge chorus of new single Healing Hands to the gentle acoustic balladry of Mary’s Song, from the dark whisper of Let You Red Hair Fall to the crashing guitars of Jobtied & Boatless, Adam’s ability to combine sharp lyrical expression with unforgettable melody is at its peak on THE CIRCUS MOON.

CIRCUS MOON is themed loosely on the restless night of a lost soul. “We all have those nights  when you just can’t get to sleep”, says Adam, “and everything from your love life to your work keeps you awake, and you end up questioning and going over things in minute detail, til the next thing you know the birds are singing and you ‘ve been awake all night.”

THE CIRCUS MOON also refers to the state of the world. “Folklore says that under a full moon some of us turn into werewolves. Well there must be a circus moon up there now as so many of us have turned into fools and clowns. I’m no exception”.

The album features 10 original songs, all written by Adam, who also plays all the instruments. It is co-produced by Wayne Proctor from UK Blues legends King King and Steve Wright from the Connie Lush Band, who worked with Adam on RAINBIRD, and a single’ HEALING HANDS” will be released on prior to the album release.

For further information please contact Rick Palin at Skyfire Records

Adam Norsworthy – Healing Hands

Adam Norsworthy – The Circus Moon album trailer

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