Acoustified is a modern sounding hard rock band with a very classic hook. The band was founded in the mid-90s by lead singer and songwriter Jason Levasseur as a side project. During that time 2 Singles were released “Suzi and “Like You Do” under the name Jason Acoustified. After circling the band scene in South Carolina, Seattle and Maine the band Acoustified officially released the first Song “I Believe”. I Believe was placed in the Top Ten by local radio in 2012. Also in 2012 guitar wizard Scott Lebourdais joined the band taking the guitar style and sound to a new level. In 2014 the band released its second single “We’re Not Going Home” that single has also been consistently at the top of the charts for Internet radio in Maine. After an extensive writing period and the accompaniment of seasoned drummer Charlie Wing and energetic bass player Cameron Hill the band is set to release its debut album 2016. The band has also just released the third single “What About You”. You can catch Acoustified preforming on stages throughout New England.

Acoustified – I Believe

Acoustified – What About You

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