ACCESS:ICARUS let their Rock album “Monuments” shine on the horizon with the new Islelaidback remix single “Sunshine”

We need more sunshine! You too? Then we have just the right thing for you! ACCESS:ICARUS are chasing away the lousy weather with the new remixes of their single “Sunshine”, break through the dull clouds with crispy beats by Islelaidback Sound and let warm sunshine follow the cold rain. Both new Electro Dance versions of “Sunshine” as well as the original version can be found at the following online shops and streaming services: Amazon | iTunesGooglePlay | Spotify | Apple Music | Deezer | Tidal

The Hamburg-based ACCESS:ICARUS lead us with the new music video for their second single “Sunshine”, taken from their upcoming debut album “Monuments”, in a visually stunning shadow play into the world of their sophisticated, rousing stadium Rock. With an international focus, a proper dose of glamour and a bombastic sound à la Coldplay, Muse or The Killers, “Sunshine” is the logical sequel to the first lyric video “Eye Of The Storm”. Once you’ve decided to leave the past behind, it’s about to happen, the great journey into the unknown and “Sunshine” is just the right anthem for such a step. Pulsating bass lines set the pace, on which sublime vocals and jubilant guitars unite with pointed strings and melodic choirs to a proud, catchy Rock song. Whether it’s accelerating on an untrafficked highway on a balmy summer evening, the moment before the big parachute jump or the go at the airplane start to take off for an unknown country, the song sounds impatient, fiery blazing with a sense of freedom and joyful departure. The perfect soundtrack to exactly such experiences. ACCESS:ICARUS want to celebrate these moments as they fall. «Cause it feels like the day/When you can’t return to the place from where you came/So break away», sings frontman Benedikt full-throated and praises exactly those very moments when there is no turning back as a chance for growth, new experiences and a positive attitude towards life. And for such an attitude the band burns. With the text line «Loose reins untied/From steeds burning bright/Closed gates open wide/To vast open skies» the musicians cite the legend of Phaeton, the son of the Greek sun god Helios, who got the unique opportunity to guide his father’s sun chariot drawn by fiery steeds across the sky. What an opportunity to sing with full conviction: «The Sunshine will reign!» So go on your own journey and enjoy the video clip that ACCESS:ICARUS produced together with director Jonas Bruse (Kippa, Quick’n’Clean, Maskenball) and cinematographer Leif Buhmann in colourful pictures that let the sun shine:

The sound of their debut “Monuments”, produced by Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost, KMFDM, Night Laser) and Benjamin Lawrenz (Saga, Koiné, Tommy Iommi) at the Chameleon Studios (Udo Lindenberg, Tina Turner, Callejon), which has been released at the end of last year through recordJet, can be an embrace, a perseverance or even a battle cry, but is always inviting, close to the audience, inspiring and deeply human. With their anthemic and captivating sound, the three musicians master both, the grand gesture and the quiet, emotionally touching tones. The band consisting of Benedikt Fleischer (vocals, keyboards), Robert Wendel (bass, vocals, synth) and Janosch Dolber (guitar, vocals, keyboards) doesn’t shy away from great emotions or a sweeping staging. They leave nothing to chance with the album and demonstratively oppose the prevailing uniformity of the German Pop and Rock scene. For the trio, it has always been: No ‘style over substance‘, but profound content in stylish shape! “Monuments” with its majestic songs full of stylish glamour and lots of drama is now available digitally at all download shops as well as streaming services and of course as Digipak CD at all relevant record stores:

Benedikt Fleischer: Vocals, Keyboard
Robert Wendel: Bass, Vocals, Synth
Janosch Dolber: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard

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Tracklist “Monuments”:

  1. Eye Of The Storm Faceless
  2. Surrender
  3. Bittersweet
  4. Orange
  5. Empires
  6. Golden Threads
  7. Sunshine
  8. Awake
  9. Sleep
  10. Titans March
  11. The Escapist
  12. Monument

2018 Monuments (Album) | recordJet
2018 Sunshine (Single) | recordJet
2018 Eye Of The Storm (Remix EP) | recordJet
2015 The Prolog (EP) | recordJet

ACCESS:ICARUS – Golden Threads


ACCESS:ICARUS – Eye Of The Storm

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