Abstract Manner

Abstract Manner

Sultry, sensual, salacious rock music is the driving force of sound behind the band

Abstract Manner

“A thousand roses I will lay at your feet. If you would love me again.” A true love story of obsession, possession and persuasion. Watch the video “Predator” by Abstract Manner to be seduced into the story of allurement. Bringing back music videos that we once loved in the days of MTV, videos that tell the tales of the song and entertain us with their pleasure, is what Abstract Manner aims to do to entice its viewers.

With vocal ranges that are not at all simplistic or standard, guitar riffs that paint the scene to the song and percussion that keeps the heart pounding, Abstract Manner is sure to inveigle.

Abstract Manner:
Adam Evans : Vocalist
David Carroll : Guitarist
Mike Evans : Guitarist
Justin Berrier: Bass
Jon Berrier: Drums

Abstract Manner – The Predator

Abstract Manner – Say I Love You

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Band location – North Carolina

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  1. This band had me hooked after the first listen of The Predator. All six of their current releases get your heart jacked! I’ve seen them live twice already and their stage presence keeps you enticed from the first riff right through to the last crash of the cymbal. Destined for worldwide fame and millions of records sold. Abstract Manner is a rock & roll phenom that no one should miss out on.

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