Abandon Light

Abandon Light

abandon light

Abandon Light is a proposal that comes from the musical influences and personal experiences of each of its members, amalgamating in a polyrhythm some characteristic metal sounds like Death Metal, Power Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Metal, among others, adding as Psychological subject area in which we talk about the vulnerability of the human mind, fears, expectations, disappointments, infighting and in an abstract way we capture the feelings of those feelings recreating a timeless universe.
Wanting to break barriers and questioning the universal moral conception of right and wrong and what has been taught to mankind for generations as precepts of truth, and of those unbreakable values; perfidy existential abandon, abandon the moral simplicity , left the flat conception of life, we abandon the light! …

Abandon Light – The Dance of Hatred

Abandon Light – In the Threshold of Crystal Feelings

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Band location – Bogotá, D.C., Colombia

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