A Short Walk To Pluto

A Short Walk to Pluto
“Phantom Lover”

“Phantom Lover” is our heaviest and sexiest song! Float into the smoky atmosphere.

 Akin to a lover that is only existent for one night stand. The next morning, they’re just a phantom.

The artwork depicts a large hand controlling an astronaut like a puppet, playing into sexually suggestive connotations with the grayscale appearance complementing the metalness of the sound.

We hope “Phantom Lover” makes you move.

A Short Walk to Pluto is a rock band from Canada. Formed in 2018, the lineup consists of Emma Armstrong on lead vocals, Danny Moriana on bass and vocals, Max Kaiser on lead guitar, and Jake Biggs on drums and percussion. A Short Walk to Pluto is combining the eclectic styling of progressive rock with catchy hooks and rhythms to create a uniquely modern sound. This Toronto-born foursome pride themselves in producing high-quality music and know how to blow you away with an energetic and engaging live performance.

A Short Walk To Pluto – Phantom Lover

A Short Walk To Pluto – Harder To Breathe

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