A Pretext to Human Suffering

A Pretext to Human Suffering
(Slamming Tech Death)

Release Date: 1/2/23
FFO: “If humanity’s last breath wrote in the style of abominable putridity”
Location: International quartet

A Pretext to Human Suffering (APTHS), the death metal band known for their extreme music and genre bending sound, is proud to announce the release of their new single “Void”. This is the lead single off their debut full length record “Endless Cycle of Suffering” due out in 2023 under Realityfade Records. The single features an exciting mix of classic death metal riffs and modern deathcore influences, and it truly delivers ferocious auditory punishment in an original fashion. APTHS has something unique to offer all fans of extreme music, from death metal fans to slam fans and everyone in between. APTHS is sure to make waves with the release of this new single, so keep an eye out for them on their socials for more music and content to come.

QUOTE FROM BAND: “This album is a culmination of two years of hard work, sleepless nights, two dead laptops and a plethora of technical issues. But we persisted and have made something we are all extremely proud of and excited to share with the world.”

A Pretext to Human Suffering – Void

A Pretext to Human Suffering – Rotting Sanctum

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Band/Artist location – Arlington, Texas
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