88 Overdrive

88 Overdrive

88 overdrive

88 OverDrive is an Alaskan heavy metal band. Influences range from many different metal genres including thrash and metalcore. Song lyrics are inspired by deep meaning full conversations with family members and friends both good and bad. Music is inspired by the chilling vast cold of Alaska.

88 Overdrive gets it’s name from a combination of inspirations. 1988 is the year that singer guitar player Everret Hamilton was born. It is also in the heart of the 1980’s when Heavy Metal was breaking into the music scene. 88 is also the speed that you travel back in time from the movie Back to the Future where character Marty McFly plays the song Johnny B Good, a song written by Chuck Berry the actual King of Rock and Roll.

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88 Overdrive – AK-47

88 Overdrive – Broken Home

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