3 Days Later

3 Days Later

3 Days Later are a 5 piece band from Berwick-upon-Tweed (UK), they write and perform their own brand of middle of the road rock, sometimes anthemic sometimes with a twist,
The magnetic pull of Berwick drew the 5 musicians together in 2016 from different parts of the globe uniting them to create their own dynamic distinctive sound, They have since been performing at minor festivals and venues and recording their first EP, tracks of which have been well received and given airplay internationally especially in the USA , Canada and Europe, they have also been accepted for airplay by the BBC. 2017 will see them working on their debut album ready for release in 2018 in conjunction with their first major UK tour,
Steve Coulthard – Vocals,
Mike Rennard – Bass,
Bill Behney – Drums,
Ian Napier – Guitar,
Matt Aylett – Keyboards,

3 Days Later – Wheels of Industry


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Band location – Berwick-upon-Tweed, England

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