21 Taras

21 Taras

21 Taras are a 60s and 70s influenced rock band from Denver, Colorado that formed in 2014. Their goal is simple; to send you on a journey through the best musical periods. Past to present.

The band began with James Steinbach (lead guitar) and Alec Lister (drums) and soon grew with the additions of bassist Jim Williams and Austin Salazar (rhythm guitar) shortly thereafter. The four met in high school in which they all shared classes. In late 2014 singer Julian Fulco was added to the mix when he moved to Denver from his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. Fulco encountered Steinbach on an online web forum and a rehearsal was immediately scheduled . The band went on to play their first performance; consisting of a few original songs as well as covers; just days after their first rehearsal.

The band’s new album “Change” is reminiscent of the mid 60s and 70s. Featuring horns and strings, as well as vintage keyboards in the Fender Rhodes and Vox Continental; the making of Change truly served as an open playground. The no limits, outside of the box approach to writing and recording as demonstrated in this album truly opens them up to push the boundaries as to how many sounds they can encompass as a band; and they feel their options are endless. 

 “I like to say that nothing is off the table.” says lead singer Julian Fulco. “The variety in our music is what continues to keep me going. We don’t play by any rules when it comes to what we write and record. Every day sparks new feelings and opens new doors for who we are and what we are capable of.” Change was recorded by the band themselves, while being mixed and mastered by astute engineer Mark Derryberry (ELO and various sound design projects ) in Arvada, Colorado. Julian; along with Mark and Jim Boyd; made sure that even the smallest of details came across in production. With the diverse sounds of 60s Spanish influenced throwback tune “Time Traveler” and the layered vocals and mellotron sounds of “Sleep Softly” to the raw rockers “Change Is Gonna Come” and “Fatal Farm”, the band makes sure to represent a wide range of styles that keep you intrigued and enthralled to reabsorb the many layers that construct the tracks. 

The band hopes to continue this growth when they return to the road later in the year and are eager to play for larger audiences in as many areas as they can reach. The band takes pride in their live performances, citing that their energy on stage is very personal and authentic. They love to bring the songs that they have created to life in ways that they have never done before. They believe that this is only the beginning, and they are excited for what lies ahead as they continue their tread towards prominence.

21 Taras – Getting Hungry

21 Taras – Change Is Gonna Come

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