20 Watt Tombstone Interview

20 Watt Tombstone Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (


PD. What type of artist are you?

20WTH. I guess I am the kind who likes to write honestly and be relatable. I don’t take things toO   seriously…but just serious enough to not accept the mediocre.


PD. Tell us the brief history of yourself.

20WT. Well, i got a guitar from a local landfill when i was 10 and bought a cheap amp. Started learning guitar from my dad then eventually started learning music I listened to by ear. I am mostly self taught. Eventually learned slide guitar from Wisconsin slide guitar legend Howard “guitar” Luedtke. Been playing guitar since i was 8 (I am 42 now) been playing music and touring as my main source of income for roughly 14 years.


PD. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

20WT. Wow. So many to name. Mitch and i both like alot of different stuff. Prince, clutch, lamb of god, hank 3, black flag, whitey morgan, wu tang clan, public enemy, the weeknd, etc. We are all over the place. Only thing we really dont like is pop country. Far as musical influences go, left lane cruiser, weedeater, kyuss, rival sons, RL burnside, Elmore james. Kindof all over as well.


PD. What are your dreams and goals?

20WT. I guess our goals are to be able to continue to tour and play shows, write and release music..and make a comfortable living at it, but also continue to set realistic goals for ourselves and continue to meet those goals. Bigger tours, with better bands, Overseas touring…that kind of stuff. Main thing is to stay on the road


PD. Who writes your songs, what are they about?

20WT. I write most of the stuff. Most is about person experiences. Exes, drinking, bad decisions, love, not reinventing the wheel lyrically but how we approach it may be different to some.


PD. How do you promote your band and shows?

20WT. We send posters to every venue, we post on social media platforms non stop, we get relationships with bands and people that help us promote shows in their town, we work with publicists to help us promote the shows as well.


PD. What do you think about downloading music online?

20WT. I think that the nature of the business has changed and that is the way most people have migrated. Im all for it. You cant sit and bitch about how things are and expect your music to be heard. Embrace the changes and keep working. For us Vinyl is a huge deal…people cant reproduce that vinyl sound so vinyl people will buy it over digital any day.


PD. What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

20WT. I’m no expert but i have seen the industry go from wanting to find bands and invest in a long term relationship they they would build together, to only wanting bands that can produce a .oney making hit, then todding them aside for the next money maker. Thats why theres so many one hit wonders in rock radio these days. Unfortunately theres alot of really good bands not getting exposure like they should and not getting paid enough or at all for original music. 


PD. What song do you wish you’d written and why?

20WT. Theres really no song by anyone else i wish i had written. 


PD. What are some of your pet peeves?

20WT. I hate when bands oversaturate an area and i also hate when you play a show with bands and they leave after they play. Mitch and i stay til the end of every show we play no matter if we are 25 hours from home or 5 minutes from home. No matter if we like the bands or not. You want to piss a band off…leave during their set.


PD. What is your proudest moment in music?

20WT. For me i have a few. Playing the Hard Rock cafe in atlanta was pretty cool, meeting some of our idols and people we have looked up to has been amazing as well. We keep having to set new goals as we meet them. Keeps things interesting. I am particularly proud of our latest record we did. The response has been great. I hope we can match it with our next record!


PD. Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.

20WT. May 18th we leave for a month long tour, that will take us down the southeast coast into Florida then west to Louisiana, Mississippi,etc. Thats a run we have done alot and is usually fun!

As for what youll find at shows, we have a ton of merch usually tbat isnt anywhere else so youll find alot of variety not in our web store as well as us hanging at the merch table. We like to talk and hang out and meet new people! Our shows are loud and we like to think the show itself is better than any CD we can sell to the public. I guess other than that, the best way to get the full picture is to come to a show and experience it all. 🙂

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