10 Gauge

4th March 2022

British Hard Rock five-piece 10 Gauge, formed of TJ (lead guitar), Rob Jewson (vocals), Kieran Best (guitar), Gareth Dearing (bass) and Neil Felgate (drums), take the rock sound of the early ’90s and give it a contemporary twist. Their new single, Demons, is about the fight from within. Your calls for help have gone unheard, now you are giving into the dark, and there is no turning back! Relating to those who deal with both personal, self-doubt, or even just the struggles of day to day life and the lies we are fed. We all have a choice….good…..or bad..

Upcoming gigs

18th March – The black heart
17th April – M2TM – heat for Blood Stock
30th April – The Rock Den
20th May – 93 Feet East

10 GAUGE believe in making broad-shouldered, hard-wearing, durable rock. They put on a show and they create strapping-great sounds filled with power and melodic perception.

The five-piece create some powerful ballads and scandalously addictive adrenaline pumps of testosterock.

Their hard-rock/alt-rock numbers, often reminiscent of Maiden-cum-Metallica, have brute force and unbridled energy. It’s as if the band possesses unlimited potential. The guys are proud of their work ethic. ”We took our band name from the type of harder-hitting, fret-buzzing, 10-gauge strings we fit onto our guitars… The name adapts well to the nature of our sound because our songs have a high carbon content and a steel core… We believe we play with an exacting consistency and optimal performance.”

 British hard rockers 10 Gauge take the rock sound of early ’90s and give it a contemporary twist. With punchy vocals that hit you straight in the gut, flowing riffs that make you want to really move and a driving drum/bass combo ripe for headbanging, creating catchy ripper tracks with earworm choruses that really stick in your head.

10 Gauge – Demons

10 Gauge – Judgement Day

10 Gauge – I’m Broken

10 Gauge – Dirty Lil’ Rich Girl

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