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1 in Five

1 in Five is a Hard Rock Blues band from Brighton, UK with influences including The Doors, Rival Sons, Deep Purple, Slash, Pink Floyd, and Clutch. The second EP Evolve promises to be even more energetic than the first with 5 fast paced proper rock songs. Following the success of the Hold On EP in 2014 which received fantastic reviews and went on to be played on over 250 radio stations worldwide the band gigged regularly across the South East perfecting their electrifying, dynamic and high-powered stage show. Now with 5 brand new tracks touching on climate, corruption, injustice, and power, and a string of gigs lined up to support the release, Evolve promises to be even bigger.

Anyone can download Evolve for free by going to and signing up as a member (also free).. CDs and T-Shirts are also available for anyone who wants to support the band further, all profits go straight back into recording and gigging, and as we’re completely independent every penny counts! 

1 in Five are Jay (Vocals), Mike (Guitars), Chris (Keys/Guitars), James (Bass) and Martin (Drums).

Previous love for 1 in Five
“Supersonic Rock n Blues with a hard fast-paced edge”
Rock Bandom

“Heavy guitar riffs combined with atmospheric melodies”
Flotation Suite

“Combining classic rock sounds with jazzy piano fills”
Music Crowns

“Smooth beats and addictive guitar riffs”
Oceanic Blue

“Bold, melodic, and full of awesome grunge style rock music with a modern twist”
Music Vs The World

“It’s not all just about the fun, 1 in Five have a message”
Find a Song

“Something that would have the whole crowd moving at a show or festival”
Best Believe

“I highly suggest that you listen to this EP if you like some good rock”
Headbanger Reviews

“Slides effortlessly in to a groove that is somewhere between the Doors and the Eagles with a hint of Deep Purple about it which is no bad thing”
Listen With Monger

“Quintessentially ‘rock’ vocals, and expert instrumentation these guys are obviously not amateurs”
Smells Like Teen Wrote It

1 in Five

1 in Five

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