1/4 Chubz

1/4 Chubz
29th April 2022

“jungle drums from hell with bluesy rock n roll from the soul and heartfelt lyrics”.

Salvation chilling passion oozes from the new 1/4 Chubz single, opens with a guitar refrain to grace a Tarentino movie, a cauldron of angst, guitars, Celtic gritty vocals that build to a wonderous chorus. “Salvation, Denied, Temptation, Inside” – A1M Records New music show

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About the single

A story of sorrow, sin, sinister solutions, Sambuca and ultimately salvation!… yourself!

Salvation is a song written by John when he was feeling at his lowest point in life.

It is a cry for help, and a realisation that seeking out someone to help you is human, but in the end you have to save yourself. It’s easy to spiral towards the wrong things in life when you’re feeling down but ultimately it’s in you to take control and save yourself. Only you can do it! People can help you along the way but in the end you have to want it as well.

This is the third single from the 1/4 Chubz return and all are unique in their style.

Until Me Meet Again announced the comeback – a ballad about the loss of our brother Callum.

Cut Me Down showed our angry anarchistic side.

Salvation mixes these two together and gives you jungle drums from hell with bluesy rock n roll from the soul and heartfelt lyrics.

1/4 Chubz – Salvation

1/4 Chubz – Cut Me Down

1/4 Chubz – Until We Meet Again

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