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Stereotytans Many millennia ago, the earth and sky gave birth to the mighty Tytans­– Kronos, Okeanus, Hyperion & Prometheus – who ruled benevolently during  a period known as “The Golden Age.” Unnerved by an ancient prophecy, Kronos grew fearful of his own children and devoured each of them whole. After escaping their father’s belly, Zeus and his siblings waged a great war,  eventually overthrowing and entombing […]


Manalishi Manalishi are a Rock band hailing from Manchester, consisting of Dom Strett (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Thomas Ryder (lead guitar & backing vocals), Josh Urpi (bass guitar & backing vocals), and Lorcan Howard (drums), who bring a fresh twist of Blues tinged Alternative Rock, with a dark hint of Psychedelia guaranteed to leave […]

The Almighty Fallen

The Almighty Fallen The dying days of 2008 saw the birth of “The Almighty Fallen” lifelong friends Phil Dixon and Joe Goudie tired of reality idols and TV diva’s.The two friends hungry to produce a fresh slant on the rock/goth crossover, spent many long winter months in the recording studio tirelessly writing and recording until […]

Guitar George

Guitar George Guitar George play rock/blues solo/duo as ‘Guitar George’, and with the band Shrymp inc. Guitar George are from Settle in The Yorkshire Dales. George Collins – Lead Guitar  Will Collins – Drums  Guitar George – But You Won’t Know Guitar George – Wipeout   Guitar George links: Band location – Settle England Learn […]

Shrymp inc.

Shrymp inc. Shrymp inc. are a Rock and Blues band from Settle, featuring flamboyant showmanship/vocals, psychedelic blues riffs and bombastic drum beats Wil Richmond – Vocals/Bass George Collins – Lead Guitar  Will Collins – Drums Shrymp inc. – House is a Rocking mix Shrymp inc. – Slow Dancing Shrymp Inc. links: Band location – […]


Network Network are an original Melodic Rock, Acoustic, Piano Rock band from San Diego California. Joe Tavano – piano, acoustic guitar, vocals; Tony Shannon – guitar; Stephen Shannon – drums. Songs written by Joe Tavano Network – Let Me Breathe Network – Enough > Network links: Band location – San Diego California Learn more about […]


Hailmary Hailmary are a Hard Rock outfit out of Perth, Australia, being described as “BIG hard rock that is world class” – Dave “Higgo” Higgens – Triple M and “Intricate yet accessible throughout, this is music that packs a punch, soothes the soul and reminds you of why you started listening in the first place” […]

Three Left

Three Left Formed in 2006,Defined as a Aggressive groove Rock/ Metal band, Three Left is a 5 piece group that hails from Southeastern,Wi with cutting edge sound and Melody the area has not seen in a long time! fueled by the energy they produce,former California front man Chadwick Davis, brings the energy and the best vocal […]

Lucid Fly

Lucid Fly Loyal fans describe their music as “epic”, “dark”, alternative progressive, heavy rock with strong and at the same time vulnerable vocals; some say their sound is like Evanescence meets A Perfect Circle. Lucid Fly founders Nikki Layne and Doug Mecca joined forces in Orlando, Florida in 2001. On the hunt for the perfect name, […]

Alarm For War

Alarm For War Buggy is a 13-year-old rapper whose talents came to the forefront unexpectedly at a young age. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, known as the third coast, Buggy grew up with musical parents and has been around music his entire life.  Influenced by the likes of P.O.D., it was not until a trip to the […]