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BingBong Pop Restoration was first released as a vinyl recording in February of 2018, done so to honor the fully analog manner in which this album was produced. BingBong kept it “old school” by recording directly to 1” magnetic tape. Unlike most albums released these days, no digital audio programs of any sort were used. Just […]

VRSA Interview

VRSA Interview Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views ( PD. What type of artist are you? V. We don’t try and force it. We let the inspiration happen naturally and just trust each others tastes enough to know we will end up somewhere cool. With that said we tend to be […]


Mindlane With a history touring and sharing stages with bands like Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Soulfly, EVERGREY, Doro, Dead By April, Epica, Carpark North, Krypteria, the founder and former member of ONE WITHOUT and Characters Joonas Niskanen, Reine Svensson ex OUTSHINE, and Hannu Mäkelä ex Characters forms a new explosive formation on the metal scene. M I N D L A N E was formed in April 2016 […]


Falcun Indian metal bands have steadily been setting their feet across the globe for the last two decades. Bands from Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal state, are somehow late to join in the league with their compatriots as they have recently started to partake in this glorious invasion. Within its three decades of existence, […]

9th June 2018

9th June 2018 This is the place where I choose a track each day that I have discovered through working on this website. In other words, I would never have heard these tracks if it were not for the website. Today’s Track Of The Day is:- Japan Suicide – This Be The Verse Today we […]

The Rare Breed

The Rare Breed In the fall of 2013, Los Angeles’s The Rare Breed slowly rose out of a series of impromptu jam sessions which would carry on until the summer of 2014. For good friends Oscar De la Torre and Joey Castle, both had played together in a number of local groups over the years, […]

Flood Peak

Flood Peak Flood Peak began in Portland, Oregon in 2016. Their sonic journey started to advance with a mix of chaotic and droning riffs, creatively frantic drums, sparsely raw vocals, and monstrous bass that creates a delicate wall of filth. They soon discovered the ingredients of their audible makeup and felt compelled to move forward.  With […]

Runescarred Interview

Runescarred Interview Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views ( PD. What type of artist are you? R. The artsy kind! We definitely aim to maintain the cathartic hard rock/heavy-fucking-metal edge, but when it boils down to it we all create pieces that raise emotions.  Power, hatred, helplessness – whatever the song, […]


Runescarred On June 29th 2018, progressive groove metal band RUNESCARRED will release We Are.  Rising out of the ashes of Austin legends Dead Earth Politics and joining forces with regional heroes Southern Front, Runescarred are hurtling towards success. Veterans of a thousand nights on the road and countless packed clubs, they have worked hard to polish […]


TolbertToz From the world of 24 track reel to reel recordings, huge studios, leather and lace, CBGB’s and the Village Voice being a musician’s bible; it is a sheer juxtaposition that Joy Tolbert and Tim Toz met through the internet. Finding each other by chance on Soundcloud and embracing the digitally streaming music that they […]