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Guntrigger Guntrigger Has a broad reportoar focusing on 70’s and eighties hard rock. Led Zeppelin tribute – up to about 2 hours show. Black Sabbath tribute ca: 1 hour material. Mixed hard rock approx: 3 hours of material. Peter Högberg sång Danne Nilsson gitarr Claes Kylemo Bas Kalle Lindén trummor Guntrigger – Children of the […]

Iconic Eye

Iconic Eye Iconic Eye Rock Band – AOR with a harder edge…. from Wolverhampton England Vocals – Jane Gillard; Guitars and Keyboards – Greg Dean; Lead Guitars – Robin Mitchard; Bass – Michael Dagnall; Drums – Adrian Scattergood Iconic Eye – Am I the One Iconic Eye – Into The Light Preview Iconic Eye links: […]

Last Legion

Last Legion LAST LEGION RELEASE LONG AWAITED SOPHOMORE ALBUM “MUSPELHEIM” New York City based Viking Metallers LAST LEGION have released their second full-length album “Muspelheim” in conjuction with hard rock/metal label Gravel Entertainment.  “Muspelheim” is available now on Compact Disc and all major digital music platforms.  Coinciding with the release, the band has also shared […]

Eraldo Bernocchi and Chihei Hatakeyama

Eraldo Bernocchi and Chihei Hatakeyama Aagoo Records has announced the release of ‘Solitary Universe’ by Eraldo Bernocchi and Japanese ambient guitar player Chihei Hatakeyama, which includes a photo book and full length CD. Five gorgeous, stretched out compositions will make you feel like you’re trying to catch smoke or watching fog swirl then disappear across a body of water. The recording […]


Bigfoot Wigan based hard rock band Bigfoot have issued a new video for a song from their self-titled debut album, which was released via Frontiers Music srl in October. ‘Freak Show’ follows a promo clip for ‘The Fear’ and  lyric video for ‘Karma’, while the songs ’Tell Me A Lie’ and ‘Forever Alone’ have also been released as singles. ‘Bigfoot’ was recently voted the no. 11 Album of […]

No Hot Ashes

No Hot Ashes Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the long awaited self-titled debut album by the Northern Ireland based band NO HOT ASHES. Originally formed in 1983, No Hot Ashes were influenced by UFO, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake,  Journey, Foreigner, Thin Lizzy and other Classic Rock/AOR acts of that era. They released their first single, ‘She Drives Me […]

The Rogue Network

The Rogue Network The Rogue Network are a contemporary, 3-piece blues band. Their music is heavily influenced by the blues/soul sounds of the 1970s, but on a background of thick guitars riffs and analogue synths the music has an altogether different and more dynamic feel. They are currently riding high on the release of their […]

Ash Of Eden

Ash Of Eden Hailing from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Ash of Eden was first born in 2009 as a project created by their vocalist Alex Rivers and guitarist Jsmoke. Finally in 2017 they recorded their first full length album “Lost Souls”, and released a music video for their first single off the album “Magic No More”. With […]

Happily Ever Blind

Happily Ever Blind 2015 In Helsinki, Finland, at the beginning of summer something very special happened. Fellow expats from Australia; Jon Lawless (drums) and John Emslie (guitar/vocals) joined forces with local bass master Janne Mikkola to form a new music project where they could share their similar creative interests freely without concern for styles or […]

Dark Matter

Dark Matter Dark Matter started as many new bands often do; one guy has an apparition to bring together like-minded players in an attempt to bend the current trend. As prog-metal bassist Jeff Lords has often expressed, “Trees that don’t bend with the wind will snap.” After all, everyone can agree that the music industry […]