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MyFistYourFace Groove…POWER…Thrash METAL….from the mountain made of Metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have opened for the likes of Mobile DeathCamp Davey Suicide The Defiled element a440……and we look forward to punchin you!!!!!!!! SHAWN ROXX-GUITARS and VOICES ADRIAN “BIG A”MONAHAN-GROOVE ENGINEER KEVIN GEORGE-Special Guest BASS BASHER MyFistYourFace – From A Mountain Made Of Metal MyFistYourFace links: Band/Artist location – Butte […]


Bekmork In the spirit of Norwegian black metal rises a mysterious new band, delivering odes to the darkness and cold of the frozen north. Emerging from obscurity to produce a five track debut album is Bekmork (Norwegian for ‘pitch black’). Their lyrical infuence is often strongly rooted in Scandanavian lore, with references to Viking legends […]

False Memories

False Memories False Memories Chimerical (DOWNLOAD) ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records  7 June 2019 “Chimerical” was self-released in January 2018 co-written by Savino and Pucci. This LP features nine previously unreleased tracks and three original songs of the debut EP, for a total of twelve original songs. False Memories started with the intent to get […]

The Membranes

The Membranes The Membraneshave announced ‘What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away’, a dark and brooding double album of psychedelic post-punk soundscapes set for release on June 7 via Cherry Red Records. Ahead of that, they are previewing lead track ‘A Strange Perfume’. With sixteen epic, powerful and darkly romantic songs on offer, this is The Membranes’ eighth studio […]

Burial Party

Burial Party Burial Party Please, Electric Move Slow 12 July 2019   Sometimes life breaks. Debt piles up, work just pays the bills, struggle and toil leads to existential crisis instead of enlightenment. That’s where Burial Party guitarist Dan Kinnaley found himself in 2017. Catharsis came in the form of listening to records from Fugazi, […]


SICK SICK based in Liverpool. We recently released a demo named “2019 DEMO” on CD independently, on Youtube, Soundcloud SICK are a Scouse ‘Speed Rock’ band. We aim to carve out a new subgenre of music called Speed Rock, something that is akin to Speed Metal, although not as heavy in tone or subject matter […]


FIRES Punk/Electro-Rock artist FIRES returns with their sophomore album All of My Dreams Are of This Place, which is set to be released on Negative Gain  on May 10, 2019.   After the successful release of their first album Red Goes Grey in 2017, FIRES is back to bring raw emotion with their new album.  After recently coming out as a female, […]

Jeff Carlson Band

Jeff Carlson Band The Jeff Carlson Band Is Working On a New Debut EP “Second Chance”, Two Official Music Videos for Upcoming Early Summer Release and Tour Dates “Jeff Carlson Band — a four piece rock band out of Las Vegas, Nevada that is definitely on the rise.” ~ Sleeze Roxx Las Vegas, NV. April 2019 […]

Pinto Graham

Pinto Graham Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, southern rock trio Pinto Grahamserves up psychedelic riffage that pulls audiences to their feet.  The diverse musical experiences of bassist/vocalist Ant Reckart, guitarist/vocalist Andre Roman, and drummer Brian Harris make for a perfect meeting of groove, grit, and melody.  With influences ranging from Lynyrd Skynrd to Pentagram — both of whom they pay […]

hell bent

hell bent Apocalyptic Lamentations, the new LP/CD/Cassette from Providence, Rhode Island’s hell bent will be unleashed on June 14th, 2019. Following the success of their 6-song cassette EP, hell bent have continued their Crossover/Thrash/D-beat brand of metal with some more varied songwriting and an even bigger production this time around. Apocalyptic Lamentations was recorded at Black Heart […]