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Dead Register

Dead Register Dead Register can be described as The Cure covering Neurosis. Or Peter Murphy covering Swans. Or Bauhaus covering Type O Negative.Or Dead Can Dance covering Isis. Many sentence fragments. Or none of the above. Melodic gloomy blackened cvlt gaze. Complements 80’s new wave to 2000’s black metal. Dead Register’s signature dual-bass sonic proclamation […]

Sobaki Tabaka

Sobaki Tabaka SOBAKI TABAKA are and have been on the leading edge of the wave in Russian industrial music for over 20 years, and XX-XXIV serves as a tribute to their continued relevance and influence. This monolithic compilation is a gigantic double disc release; at 26 tracks and well over two hours long, it runs a […]


ZamTrip Have you ever missed someone? “I still see you staring back into my eyes. I still remember the day you said goodbye.” Softly spoken. Light guitars and percussion. Then like a massive, rock attack, lead singer, Samantha Newman slays with her vociferous vocals with the propensity of power! With mellifluous melodies and just the […]

I Am The Law Interview

I Am The Law Interview Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views ( PD. What type of artist are you? We call our style southern metal. I choose that mostly for its simplicity there’s to many ways to label a band’s genre now and days. So think Pantera but not lol, we […]

I Am The Law

I Am The Law As the earth turns from abundance to decay, the vultures begin to circle…  This fall, Nashville metal band I Am The Law is set to re-release their sophomore EP, Hymn of the Vulture.  Previously available only as a digital download, this five-track musical rebellion will now be available on compact disc as well […]

Beauty In Chaos

Beauty In Chaos LA-based Beauty in Chaos has announced the debut album ‘Finding Beauty in Chaos’. Born of frustration and creativity, this is an audio assemblage curated by LA-based guitarist Michael Ciravolo and produced by Michael Rozon. This colossal work is previewed by the lead single ‘Storm’ featuring Ashton Nyte (The Awakening, MGT). The debut album ‘Finding Beauty in Chaos’ features numerous luminaries in the music world, both as […]


Sage Croatia’s Heavy Power Metal force SAGE and their debut album “Anno Domini 1573” due out on September 21st. The album is for fans of Sonata Arctica, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Hammerfall. Pre-Order “Anno Domini 1573” here Sage is a Croatian heavy/power/prog metal band with an interesting musical theme and a promising career. The band exists for […]

Call Me King Interview

Call Me King Interview Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views ( PD. What type of artist are you? CMK. We generally group ourselves as post-hardcore, although we’ve heard a lot of different descriptions of our music that are all over the map. Usually post-hardcore will put you in the right ballpark. […]

Call Me King

Call Me King Call Me King is a post-hardcore act based in Austin, TX. Since their founding in July of 2015, Call Me King has gathered over 11,000 followers across various outlets. Call Me King has been featured alongside nationwide acts such as Asking Alexandria, blessthefall, Emery, and more. In January of 2016, after only six […]